Jun 25, 2015 On Our Blog

Mayvenn is Killing It Because of Community

Today’s GROWTH case study looks at how 500 portfolio company Mayvenn is leveraging one of the most untapped — but high ROI — distribution channels out there: SMS.

Neeharika Bhartiya at Sonar, another 500 company, breaks down how SMS has helped Mayvenn scale reach and conversions to a customer base that’s increasingly post-email.

Jun 18, 2015 On Our Blog

Podcast is the New Blog

Awhile back, a rather unassuming dude named Franco asked to interview me for his startup-related podcast.

Podcast? Do people still listen to podcasts?

Way MOAR than you think.

This post shows how founders can get in on this under-leveraged content marketing channel to grow your audience and get more customers. Read more…

Jun 8, 2015 On Our Blog

Q&A with Marlon Nichols, Investment Director at Intel Capital

Marlon Nichols (@MarlonCNichols) is Investment Director at Intel Capital (iCap) and Founding Partner at Cross Culture Ventures. At Intel Capital Marlon leads investments in women and minority led technology startups through iCap’s Diversity Fund.

Premoney SF is around the corner (June 12th) and 500 caught up with speaker and Intel Capital Investment Director, Marlon Nichols.

Jun 5, 2015 On Our Blog

How to Close Investors: Stop Pitching and Start Growing Revenue

By Tanya Soman and Poornima Vijayashanker In our previous post we talked about the 3 elements every demo day pitch must have, and the biggest takeaway was to show traction: lead with real success indicators like monthly revenue and revenue growth. And this doesn’t just pertain to demo day. Many investors will say they want to see more traction before they’re ready to invest. You might be thinking, “Well, they just aren’t the right investor. They’re too risk averse!” A lot of founders discard this investor feedback and just keep pitching to others, thinking that they’ll eventually find the right set of investors who are willing to take the risk and bet on a company with little revenue. That might …

Jun 3, 2015 On Our Blog

Q&A with David Hornik, General Partner at August Capital

David Hornik (@davidhornik) is General Partner at August Capital, a venture capital investment firm based in Menlo Park. He invests broadly in information technology companies, with a focus on enterprise application and infrastructure software and consumer facing software and services.

Premoney SF is around the corner (June 12th) and 500 caught up with speaker and August Capital General Partner, David Hornik.

Jun 2, 2015 On Our Blog

Big (Venture) Data: Winter Is Not Coming – It Was Just A Late Spring

With the PreMoney investor conference quickly approaching, we asked our friends at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to outline VC data and trends they’re tracking closely. Given their unique position in the market—as a lender, an investor in startups and funds, and some of the most connected folks we know in tech—we knew they’d have deep insight into what’s really happening, separating the real data from the market hype. Post by Claire Lee, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank THE BIG 10 TRENDS: FROM VALUATIONS TO LOCATIONS 1. VC’s Have Become More Discerning More than half of the early stage companies SVB’s California-based team has been tracking were founded within the last two years. A higher % of these startups are surviving and thriving. While …

May 28, 2015 On Our Blog

Q&A with David Lee, Founder of Shakr

David Lee is the founder and CEO of Shakr, a service that allows small businesses and individuals to create professional-quality videos using photos and video clips. Lee is based in Seoul and I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

May 26, 2015 Official Announcement

500 Investors

We recently wrapped up our first-ever investor training in partnership with Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Our full class brought together 34 impressively awesome participants — 16 women and 18 men from 14 countries around the world.

May 7, 2015 On Our Blog

COMMERCISM Comrade Q&A: Part 2 With Shopify’s Chief Platform Officer

500 Startups has always been bullish about online commerce, despite economic fluctuations. The future of commerce is not in traditional brick & mortar stores, but in the innovative online plays from companies like ModCloth, Polyvore and Shopify.  Shopify’s Chief Platform Officer, Harley Finkelstein, will be speaking at our upcoming COMMERCISM conference, so we asked him to share some lessons he’s learned as a serial entrepreneur + his thoughts on the future of commerce. Q. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since founding your startup or starting your career in the eCommerce space? A. Test and test and test and test. I think that persistence is really important in business, but in the ecommerce retail space, you have an opportunity to …