Many startups are familiar with the annoying moment when the domain for the company name they've so thoughtfully chosen is unavailable, forcing name changes or awkward punctuation. Thing is - great URL's are damn expensive!

But here's something cool you should check out this week >> Our friends @ .CO are hosting an online "startup auction" on premium domain names until Nov 19th, which could enable you to get a dream domain at an extremely discounted price...and with available domains like & more, it's worth taking a minute to check it out.

DETAILS >>> The .CO Domain Auction:

> What is it?

o Incredible short, brand-able .CO domains will be available at really, really low auction prices, starting at $500 (FYI - most of these are names that could sell for $10K - $50K on the secondary market)

> When is it?

o November 12-19th

> Why should you care?

Because premium domain names are expensive as hell, yet having a short, memorable URL is often a key marketing & SEO tool for customer acquisition. Who else has a .CO? AngelList, 500 Startups, Twitter, Le Web, & more.

> I wanna bid! Where can I go to participate?
Its happening now @

** Here’s a short list of just some of the premium .CO domain names being auctioned.