Dec 28, 2012 On Our Blog

World Startup Report’s Journey To 29 Countries and 36 Cities

Bowei Gai is co-founder of CardMunch, a 500 Startups company (acquired by LinkedIn). In 2011, his report on China unexpectedly became a viral hit on the internet and it inspired him to do more to help others in need. World Startup Report is his new venture to give back to the global startup community. This post was originally published here. The world is flattening before our very eyes. Now more so than ever, we’re seeing innovation come from every corner of the globe. The number of startup incubators, funds and activities are all growing at a pace faster than anyone can keep up with. Naturally, this begs the question, “What’s going on in the global startup community?” The answer to this question is our …

Dec 12, 2012 On Our Blog

One Ridiculously Good-Looking Conference: Warm Gun 2012

If you didn’t make it to Warm Gun a few weeks back, you missed out. Our one-day conference was packed with some of the most notable names in design—like Warby Parker, Airbnb, Hotel Tonight and YouTube—and had one of the best looking crowds we’ve ever seen at a conference. Seriously. It’s almost like designers are concerned with appearances or something. It’d be pretty difficult to provide a rundown of all the content since there just was so much of it packed into one day. So to give you quick recap of some of the key takeaways, here are some of our favorite #WarmGun tweets: In typical Dave McClure fashion, Dave kicked off the day with a rousing, slightly (ok, very) …