iGrow is a platform for helping people to do plantation with limitation of land, knowledge to plant, and skill to harvest by utilizing unused land. We connect urban people who want to do plantation to local farmer, land owner, and crops buyer.


"AngelList" for Skilled Players competing in Prize Pool Events


Float's financial solutions empower people to improve their quality of life and live in the moment. Our mobile-first consumer financial technology gives users an instant and easy way to access a line of credit without a traditional credit report.


Simple, clear financial decisions


Want to invest like Buffett? There's an app for that - iBillionaire


On-demand pay for the on-demand worker


Leveling the financial playing field


A powerful automated savings tool based on behavioral science.

Finova Financial

Finova Financial, is a socially responsible technology based lender that is transforming the traditional $5.3 Billion U.S. Title Lending market by applying modern technology, advanced analytics, and a transparent fee structure.


Neighborly delivers modern access, efficiency and transparency to borrowing communities and investors in the billion dollar per day municipal bond market.