nurseVersity is an intelligent, interactive edtech platform that refines and adapts, based on an individual’s usage. This method guarantees the successful credentialing of professional licensure board exams.


Enabling the Continuum of Care for neurological and cardiovascular disease


Halolife is an online marketplace for families and individuals to plan and find a cremation or burial service that meets their needs, budget, and location.

Angel Sensor

Wearable sensor and open source platform for mobile health developers


Wearable software for chronic conditions


A product that intelligently optimizes doctors' schedules to help them reclaim the $30 billion lost from missed appointments.


A hub for ongoing, integrated healthcare for new moms and their infants


'Priceline' for medical services - Search and Save on Health, Dental, and Beauty

Pacifica Labs

Daily tools for stress & anxiety based on CBT & Mindfulness.

Lab Sensor Solutions

We build IoT sensor networks for the healthcare industry