Announcing the Startup Founders Podcast

Jess Erickson

May 10, 2013

While we pride ourselves in being a very diverse bunch at 500 Startups, there’s one thing all our founders have in common: they all have a story. And not just any story, either –  founders in the 500 family come from all over the world and many different backgrounds to chase their startup dreams. I’m very excited to announce our weekly podcast that will give them a place to share their biggest challenges, interesting anecdotes and advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

You can find the first 5 episodes below, featuring the kickass founders from PayByGroup, Markerly, Vidcaster, KeenIO and Chewse. Give them a listen, and stay tuned for a new episode every Friday! You can get automatic updates of our podcast by subscribing on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Don’t forget to leave us a good review, too. 😉

Episode 1 (Camilo Acosta, CEO and co-founder of PayByGroup)

Episode 2 (Tracy Lawrence, CEO and co-founder of Chewse)

Episode 3 (Kierar Farr, CEO and co-founder of Vidcaster)

Episode 4 (Sarah Ware, CEO and co-founder of Markerly)

Episode 5 (Kyle Wild, CEO and founder of KeenIO)

If you have feedback about the show, have questions you’d like to ask our founders, or would like to suggest a guest, send me a Twitter reply @markjsaldana. Here’s to many more episodes!

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