Mar 19, 2019 On Our Blog

Key B2B Metrics You Need To Communicate To An Investor

Are you selling your product to another business? Whether your customer segment is an SMB or an enterprise, you need to get a handle on your key B2B metrics before you talk to an investor! No matter how novel an idea you have, investors hear many pitches and are grading you on a curve to other founders and startups. They want to know how you are sourcing, closing, and scaling your customer base. Regardless of what stage you are at, you need to be able to share your approach, and back it up with data and B2B metrics! The Baseline B2B Metrics You Need To Know About Your Business During the course of an initial conversation, expect investors to ask …

Mar 18, 2019 On Our Blog

Announcing Batch 1 of the Misk 500 MENA Accelerator Program

Six weeks ago, we launched the inaugural batch of the Misk 500 MENA Accelerator Program, bringing the best of our flagship Seed Accelerator program to the MENA region in partnership with Misk Innovation. Targeted at pre-seed companies, the program is structured as a 4-month curriculum focused on helping companies get to product-market fit, as well as preparing them to raise seed funding. Each company received an investment from 500 Falcons upon acceptance into the program. Batch 1 consists of 19 companies spanning a number of sectors and countries across the MENA region including Saudi Arabia (42% of the companies), Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Palestine, and the United Arab Emirates. Sectors represented by the batch include AgTech, B2B, Developer Tools, eCommerce, EdTech, …

Mar 12, 2019 On Our Blog

Miami’s Blooming Ecosystem

Image Gallery: 500 Startups Unity + Inclusion Miami 500 recently hosted another hugely successful Unity + Inclusion Summit in Miami on Thursday, March 7th, where over 200 entrepreneurs, investors, and members of the tech community gathered to address the state of diversity and inclusion in tech. Our southeastern hub, 500 Miami, continues to lead the charge in developing an innovation-focused ecosystem designed to inspire and empower entrepreneurship, increase employment, and boost the local economy. The Unity + Inclusion Summit is just one more program that 500 was thrilled to bring to the bustling startup environment in South Florida. Visit our website or more workshops and founder-focused programming in Miami. Industry Leaders Abound Our latest Unity + Inclusion boasted an impressive array of thought …

Mar 11, 2019 On Our Blog

Women in the Startup Ecosystem: How Can We Accelerate Inclusion?

From Salaried Employee to Entrepreneur According to the IDB (Interamerican Development Bank), if we had equal participation of men and women in the Latin American labor market, the regional GDP would increase by 16%. On the other hand, according to the ILO (International Labor Organization), women are more likely to be unemployed than men. In Latin America, the rate of male unemployment is 6.8%, while female unemployment is a considerably higher 9.5%. According to academic research, some of the factors that lead to this figure include discrimination, barriers to work-life balance, and lack of perspective for career growth. However, many of those reportedly unemployed women are not doing so to stay at home, but rather to become entrepreneurs. The GEM …

Mar 11, 2019 On Our Blog

Announcing a new admissions process for VC Unlocked at Stanford University

In 2015, I wrote a LinkedIn post about “Investing in Women” and a new investor training program we were launching at 500 Startups. “The Investor’s Guide to Silicon Valley Investing” (IGSVI) was just a pilot program but it immediately resonated in our community. It’s been so amazing to watch early participants like Arlan Hamilton, Pocket Sun and Elizabeth Galbut embody our program’s values, and redefine our industry in the process. A lot has happened in the venture world since that first program. The artist formerly known as IGSVI eventually grew up, got a little (just a little) more serious, and became VC Unlocked, the series of investor education programs we run around the world. Today, as we launch the recruitment period …

Mar 8, 2019 On Our Blog

Supporting our MENA Community

One of the ways in which we aim to differentiate ourselves from other VCs is in the value of our community. Once we complete an investment, we truly are welcoming those founders into the 500 Family. The MENA region is a big place, with our investments spanning across 16 countries, and founders are often isolated both from each other and key stakeholders of the ecosystem. Last year, we decided to hold an annual portfolio retreat for the MENA region to bring our community together. Our second annual MENA Portfolio Retreat was held in Bahrain this year, from the 21st-25th of February. We chose Bahrain as it’s a quickly emerging ecosystem, welcoming founders from anywhere in the world to use Bahrain …

Mar 6, 2019 On Our Blog

Reinventing Private Wealth Management: Staying Ahead of Disruption in the Industry

Over the last few years, technologies like smart portfolios and robo-advisors have moved from gimmicky concepts to genuine competitive threats. The financial services industry as a whole has long recognized that it faced the threat of disruption. However, before now, many private wealth managers argued that strong client relationships would shield them from serious harm. There is now no question that technological innovation – coupled with shifts in client demographics and preferences – threaten to make traditional wealth managers obsolete. In order to ensure a future for themselves, private wealth managers can and must reinvent themselves. Those that combine their deep knowledge of client service today with innovative new capabilities will be ready to embrace the next generation of clientele. …

Mar 6, 2019 On Our Blog

Key B2C Metrics You Need To Know About Your Company When Pitching An Investor

As a startup founder, you know metrics matter! You’ve got a fancy funnel that captures customer impressions all the way down to conversions, but do you know how to convey key B2c metrics into customer insights quickly in an investor or accelerator interview? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Mistakes around B2C metrics Let’s start by talking about the five big mistakes we see founders make during interviews to make sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Mistake #1: Having only one to two months of B2C metrics. Waltzing into an investor meeting with one to two months of growth is not enough to wow an investor, especially if you extrapolate the growth rate and expect it to be …

Mar 5, 2019 On Our Blog

In Review: Batch 24 Demo Day

On February 28th, 2019, at Bespoke in San Francisco, 500 Startups Batch 24 celebrated the completion of our 4-month accelerator program with Demo Day. The invite-only event for active and accredited investors brought together the largest crowd yet! We were joined by 500+ investors and LPs for a sold-out event. Batch 24 is made up of 40% female founders and 50% have a Black, Mixed, or Latinx founder. There were also two tracks in this cohort—blockchain and an automotive track in partnership with General Motors. The 18 companies span across a wide variety of verticals from Aerospace to Virtual Reality and join us from countries like Chile, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Ghana and the UK which falls in line with our …

Mar 4, 2019 On Our Blog

500 Japan Partners Launch Coral Capital

In 2010, 500 invested in our first Japanese company, Gengo. Since then, we’ve gone on to invest in over 57 Japanese companies to date, including Whill, Paidy, TokyoOtakuMode, FlyData, and SmartHR. 3 years ago, we launched 500 Japan as our first Japan-focused fund, with partners James Riney and Yohei Sawayama leading the charge. Today, James and Yohei have announced their new adventures with the launch of their fund, Coral Capital. We are incredibly grateful and proud of their impact on growing 500’s brand in Japan, as well as on the Japanese ecosystem for early-stage companies and VC. We are excited about their new endeavor and look forward to collaborating with them on investments, learnings and many other synergies. James and …