Roam & Wander

Toys powered by apps


Kids love to play games, and we all love our iPhones and iPads. But as so many aspects of our life become more digital, it’s easy to get worried when our kids zone out. We believe that parents want to feel good about the app and toy purchases they make for their kids.

At Roam & Wander we are reimagining the way software, hardware, and rewards come together to create new entertainment and learning experiences for young kids, starting with two characters, TuTu & DiDi.

Everyone loves to earn a gold star reward. Sticker Games is the first game in the App Store that rewards kids for their achievements with *real stickers* delivered right to their door. TuTu & DiDi make their first appearance in Sticker Games.

We’ve brought TuTu to life as plush toy powered by an iPhone app, and young kids can care for and play with TuTu using her special touch-enabled food, drinks, jewelry, and other toys. Now we’re brining DiDi to life as a teddy bear powered by an iPad.