On a mission to make fitness accessible for everyone, KFit is an app that gives you flexible and affordable access to hundreds of gyms, fitness/wellness studios and activities in your city.


With the collective goal to build a fitter and more active community, KFit is devoted in bringing flexibility and variety to your lifestyle with a single membership. This single all access membership allows KFit members to access a variety of gyms, studios, sports complexes and
activities all around the city. Instead of the traditional fitness packages in the market, KFit caters to the adventurous community, those who are seeking flexibility and variety in the type of activities and workouts they sign up for.

Why Join KFit
KFit is home to some of the best minds and talent in the world. Founded by established entrepreneurs with over two decades of experience between them, KFit is the brainchild of two of the most experienced business and tech gurus in the region. KFit is growing exponentially and its fast paced startup environment ensures endless learning and growth opportunities. 


  • Joel Neoh
  • Yeoh Chen Chow

Kuala Lumpur