500 Startups provides early-stage companies with up to $250K in funding, our startup accelerator program, and unique events like SmashSummit, UnSexy, and GeeksOnaPlane. With hundreds of experienced startup mentors around the world, our creative work space in the heart of Silicon Valley, and a vibrant community of startup founders, we help companies succeed in ways other venture firms do not. We are 500Watch our video.

  • DESIGN Great products start with a great user experience—one that makes customers happy and brings them back for more. We help startups design functional solutions, not just pretty pictures.
  • DATA Successful startups can make informed product and marketing decisions, know how much customers are willing to pay, and what it costs to acquire them. We help startups learn how to define and measure customer-driven metrics.
  • DISTRIBUTION Startups need scalable, cost-effective customer acquisition. We specialize in distribution for search, social, and mobile platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, and Android.


Dave McClure

Founding Partner & Sith Lord

Dave uses his uncanny ability to function without sleep and frequent flyer miles to uncover geeks around the world. His ominous past includes work at Founders Fund, Facebook fbFund, PayPal, Mint.com, & Simply Hired. Dave blogs & rants @ 500hats.com.


Christine Tsai

Managing Partner & Chief Pug Herder

Christine can herd pugs like no other. Before 500, she was at Google and YouTube for many years. Over 15 yrs ago, she built her first website. Today, she blogs at christinetsai.co. Christine also moonlights as 500's Artistic Director & Choreographer.


Christen O’Brien

Managing Partner & Chief Geek Whisperer

Christen heads up Business Development & Corporate Partnerships. She is fluent in geek, though she admittedly was part of the “other” outcast lunch table: the nerds. Before 500, she was the founder of reWIRED events + worked in sectors like investment banking, law, healthcare, and non-profit. She spends free time with her husband and their blue Great Dane, Virginia Woof.


George Kellerman

Managing Partner & Fire Chief

George used to be a (real) firefighter, but now helps 500 start fires. Previously he held senior positions at Dell Japan, Experian Interactive, & Yahoo Japan. He's also a recovering attorney, but makes up for it by surfing and snowboarding as much as he can.


Parker Thompson

Venture Partner & Senior Webmaster

Parker likes to help startups in any way he can, but he will respect a restraining order if you're going to be like that. His illustrious past includes Pivotal Labs, co-founding PlaceSite, preserving the interwebs at the Internet Archive, and wonking on digital copyright at UC Berkeley's iSchool.


César Salazar

Venture Partner & Color Lover

César has been a tech entrepreneur for over a decade. Before joining 500 Startups, he co-founded Mexican.VC in Mexico City. Underneath his investor skin lives a passionate interaction designer with an engineering degree who really likes to mess with code. He sucks at running, but has already scored a marathon.


Juan Lopez

Venture Partner and Argentine Ambassador

Juan abuses his passport to give everything he does some special multi-cultural flair. Having lived across 9 countries, he has worked for tech companies, sampled luxury hotels for a living, produced branding reports for countries, and done TV & radio. He finally realized that entrepreneurship is his thing and  is now running our Spanish speaking accelerator with an Argentinian accent in Mexico City.


Santiago Zavala

Venture Partner & Mexican Hacker

Santiago has been coding since he was a child. Before he invented peanut butter, he was a co-founder of Mexican.VC and organizer for Startup Weekend in Mexico.  He enjoys geeking out with LatAm startups, and came in 2nd at the International Suez Canal Anagram championships. If you're ever in Mexico City, ask him for a tour of street food tasting.

Bedy-300x (1)

Bedy Yang

Venture Partner & Samba Queen

Bedy uses her multi-cultural powers to find startups and partners for 500 in Brazil / Latin America, as she catalyzes the startup ecosystem there via Brazil Innovators. Using Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin & German as her weapons, she is infecting all corners of the world with the Silicon Valley mindset.


Pankaj Jain

Venture Partner & Chuck Norris Impersonator

Pankaj regularly kicks ass & takes names of Desi founders to help build a vibrant startup ecosystem in India. When he isn't busting the chops of noob startups or predatory angel investors, or firing up Startup Weekend in Bangalore or Mumbai, you will find him devouring unsuspecting vegetables at Delhi’s best vegetarian sushi joint.


Rui Ma

Venture Partner & Stealth Assassin

Rui recruits and trains savvy and resourceful startup operatives for 500 in Greater China. Previously Rui was under deep cover at corporations such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and the Raine Group. When she is not on active assignment, she can be found brewing vegetable poisons and learning the covert arts from her cats.


Khailee Ng

Venture Partner & Rice Rocket Boy Toy

Khailee co-founded GroupsMore (acquired by Groupon) and SAYS.com. Accolades include "HSBC Young Entrepreneur of the Year", "Best in Asia," and "Over-energetic karaoke mic hog". He joins 500 as the first Southeast Asian brother.


Adam Corey

Director of Investor Relations & Donut Eater

Adam works with 500's partners and investors to keep them happy, and he also supports back office operations. He was previously part of the founding team at SharesPost and led business development at Evite. Adam's claim to fame is three-peating as fantasy baseball champion, much to the chagrin of his friends.


Anita Amershi

Controller & Resident Bohemian

Anita helps 500 keep their books in order and investors happy.  Prior to 500, Anita worked for Almaz Capital Partners and Floodgate Ventures.  She obtained her accounting qualification in England (ACCA). An accountant by day and Bohemian by night, Anita loves nature, yoga and meditation, dancing, writing and theater.


Annie Lau

Fun(d) Accountant

Annie graduated with BS in Interior Design but somehow ended in the accounting world quite by accident and decided she liked it! Prior to joining 500 Startups, she worked for an accounting consulting firm where her clients included venture capital funds and startups. She's an art geek who loves visiting museums and art exhibitions. 


Haw Kuo

Legal Operations Manager and Martial Geek

Haw coordinates legal processes/projects while watching over 500's deals LIKE A HAWK. He was most recently on the 500 team at Gunderson Dettmer before being seduced to the Dark Side. Before that, he was in house at a public company and has worked at other well known law firms. He loves traveling, 'knows kung fu,' and is a fitness fanatic.

Greg-300x (1)

Greg Raiten

General Counsel & Sheriff

Greg is the new sheriff in town, making sure everyone stays on the right side of the law.  He's an attorney by trade, but a geek at heart.  When not successfully dispelling the stereotype of lawyers, Greg enjoys snowboarding, scuba diving and photography


Marvin Liao

Venture Partner & Karaoke King

Marvin works with awesome startups across the globe and at the SF/SV accelerator programs – that is, when he's not practicing his signature song (Backstreet Boys "I Want it That Way" btw) & dealing with his book buying addiction,  A recovering exec from Yahoo! he's very happy to be part of the Revolution!


Melissa Grody

Office Manager & Puppet Master

Melissa manipulates time and space like a pro... and without a TARDIS. Juggling is another ready skill in her repertoire along with an uncanny ability to function as Dave's GPS locator. If there's something you need, just ask! (nicely)


Max Fram-Schwartz

Associate & Hermes of 500's Caffeinated Desires

Max is the hidden genius behind all the requests the 500 family makes. When not keeping the 500 world at large safe, like a true super hero, he cycles cross country, trains elephants and rescues puppies.


Mark Saldaña

Marketing Manager & Muffin Man

Mark spreads the 500 message all over the world using a deadly combination of social media, PR and baked goods. Before 500, he spent time at sexy enterprise startup Box. An aspiring Warby Parker model, he can frequently be seen wearing his favorite hipster glasses while biking around San Francisco.


Tara Graham

Director of Global Community Development and Tap Dance Darling

Tara leads content & direction for 500 conferences & GOAP world tours. With a background in journalism, she previously taught media classes at UC Berkeley, where she also co-founded & led The #GlobalPOV Project, a hybrid pedagogy experiment. Tara is highly conversant in HTML (HashTag Markup Language)—don't judge, #haters.


Maya Schorer

Director of Operations and Cat House Den Mother

Maya works with the Business Development team leading their operations for 500 conferences, demo days, GeeksOnaPlane tours and Partner relations. Maya is owned by her four-legged 'hair-em' but has learned that you can't keep all of your fosters.


Kathryn Tompkins

Business Development & Events Associate and Logistics Ninja

Kathryn helps organize 500 conferences, demo days, and Geeks On a Plane tours. She also coordinates with partners and hooks up the 500 Mafia with sweet deals. Previously she worked in TV production casting people who would cry on TV for an HGTV reality show and managed shoot logistics.


Itzel Lerma

Investor Relations & Sommelier

Itzel is a master networker, she can use her deep observation and knowledge to understand any social situation and connect with the right people, follow up like a boss and nurture great relationships with investors and partners. When she is not on duty you can find her on the Mexican pacific shores.


Matt Berman

Distribution Hacker (and Nerd)-In-Residence

Matt helps 500's portfolio companies understand their analytics and get more people to their product by any means necessary. His best strategy so far has been carrier pigeons. When not helping startups, Matt can be found running after his dog on the beach while she chases birds (carrier pigeon recruitment?).


Andrei Marinescu

Distribution Hacker-In-Residence & Romanian Daredevil

Andrei works with 500 companies that need help with product marketing, paid & organic search, email, or analytics. Having previously worked at Viddy, Hulu, and MOG, Andrei used to listen to music and watch videos all day long. He's a southpaw with a passion for vinyl, avocados, and fake Italian accents.


Sean Percival

Venture Partner and Bitcoin Honey Badger

Sean is a Venture Partner with a focus on Bitcoin. As an authority in Online Marketing Sean also works with the 500 portfolio on distribution and growth. His hair and voice are soft, but his marketing tricks have a hard edge. When he’s not manipulating online platforms for fun and profit, he spends his free time with his growing family eating ice cream he presumably purchased with digital currency.


Tim Chae

Entrepreneur-In-Residence & Resident Sneakerhead

Tim likes to dance like Michael Jackson and loves to start, help and work on startups. Prior to 500, Tim founded PostRocket (a social marketing optimization company) and was part of the best batch that 500's accelerator has yet to see (Batch #3). He lets his crazy mind spill over at timchae.com.

OUR VENTURE ADVISORS are an invaluable resource to 500 Startups and advise us on the direction of our fund, investments, operations and more.