Using technology we create a new generation of footwear brand under the name BRODO. We design, build, distribute all of our products marrying online and offline. Brodo is a prime example of next-generation retail in emerging market, a technology enabled brand that grows by tapping into the surging dynamic middle class in Indonesia.


Fair payment software


Women online shopping app, to get the best things from China


Hassle free mobile and web app for scheduling, collaboration and communication on construction projects


On-demand dermatology consultations


BREWPUBLIK is the Netflix of craft beer, delivering a customized selection of craft beers straight to your door, tailored to your specific tastes.


iGrow is a platform for helping people to do plantation with limitation of land, knowledge to plant, and skill to harvest by utilizing unused land. We connect urban people who want to do plantation to local farmer, land owner, and crops buyer.

UpCraft Club

Leading source of digital sewing and crafting patterns. Online and in stores.


Phenom is building the largest community of young athletes, enabling them to talk about the products that they love and share stories about their athletic achievements.


RapidAPI makes app development faster by creating a code-free backend platform


nurseVersity is an intelligent, interactive edtech platform that refines and adapts, based on an individual’s usage. This method guarantees the successful credentialing of professional licensure board exams.

Ingu Solutions

Reliable monitoring of critical infrastructures


Authentic & Appropriate Beauty Commerce for Women of Color


"AngelList" for Skilled Players competing in Prize Pool Events

Indemand Inc

Shopify for the on-demand economy.


A sports sponsorship marketplace connecting brands with athletes, events and teams