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Bonnie Cheung & Robert Neivert

August 24, 2018

500 Blockchain Track is Back and Open for Enrollment! Join us and learn how to turbocharge your project.

No matter where you are in the world, if you are a passionate team looking to push the forefront of blockchain innovation using your experience in distributed networks, cryptography and security, we want you! We understand building a truly impactful blockchain-oriented company can be a daunting journey. 500 is here for you. As part of our flagship 500 seed accelerator program, our tailored “blockchain track” will guide you through the ins-and-outs of global community building and marketing, token design, business development, hiring, and much more.

In Borderless Blockchain We Trust. We know building a blockchain company means building a global company from day one and it is not easy. That’s why 500 is bringing together our global blockchain partners like OK Blockchain Capital to share their experience, local market expertise and provide mentorship to you.

With hundreds of companies under our belt, including Lightyear (powered by the Stellar network), Solana, and Oasis, we know how to accelerate your growth across the globe.

What You’ll Learn
By joining the 500 Startups Blockchain Track, you will learn the keys to successfully building, marketing, and growing the global ecosystem for your project from blockchain experts from the US, Korea, and China, including:

  • Fundraising strategy in a nascent regulatory environment
  • Token Economics
  • Exchange Listing and Post Token Generation Management
  • Community engagement and support
  • Partnership development
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • And More…

In addition, each week we will hold a roundtable discussion where you can get advice from 500 Startups’ community of blockchain mentors. These influential community builders range from mentors who have successfully completed their own token sale to owners of exchanges.
Throughout the program you will also interact with fellow blockchain founders and investors with whom you will share learnings, explore opportunities and build connections. Our hope is to empower blockchain founders with the right set of resources to accelerate your startup and challenge your notion of what is possible in this industry.

Blockchain Projects we are most interested in:

  • Foundational protocol technologies – Identity, reputation, compliance, privacy, scalability, security, custodianship, computation off-chain and second layer solutions.
  • Financial applications including exchanges (both centralized and decentralized), trading (platforms and algorithms) etc.
  • Tokenization of existing digital assets (e.g. gaming platforms)
  • Tokenization of physical assets (e.g. real estate, shipping containers, artwork)
  • Enterprise applications including logistics, financial systems, marketing, HR, sales, Infrastructure (computing, storage, networking) etc.

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