Venture Education

Teaching the next generation of investors the art of investing

Having seen more deals than most, we are sharing our knowledge to empower the next generation of aspiring venture capitalists and angels. Our programs equip the up-and-coming with real world experiences to make better investments.

Unlock the secrets of venture capital

We partner with top academic institutions around the world to offer intensive investor education programs. Join and learn to screen live startup pitches, debate deals with peers, and negotiate in hands-on workshops with 500 portfolio companies.

Learn the playbook

Hone your investment strategy, tools and tactics with hard-won insights from the 500 team.

Develop your deal flow

Meet with dozens of startups in 500’s portfolio, hear their pitches and kickstart your deal flow.

Grow your network

Tap into a world-class network of fellow VCs and angel investors with our global alumni community.

Teaching Methodology

Action-based exercises

Work with your peers during interactive role-playing sessions.

Classroom lectures

Understand the theory and strategy behind venture with help from 500 and top university professors.

Meeting startups

Kick start your deal flow and put your knowledge into action by meeting with startups from 500’s portfolio.

Leveling the playing field

More than 650+ alumni and dozens of cohorts later, we’re proud of the VC Unlocked investor network we’ve built. Through initiatives like our diversity scholarships, we’re committed to empowering a new generation of VCs.

Learn venture from the well-ventured

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