500 Startups Office Hours @ Startup Istanbul

Enis Hulli

September 29, 2016

500 Startups will be full force with 4 partners at Startup Istanbul between 6th-10th of October. The tech conference will gather 500 startups and 4,000 attendees; along with prominent investors from all over the world. 50 selected startups will pitch to a jury of investors; and 15 of them will get to be on stage during the final day.


500 will be present at the event, with team members coming from different geographies. Arjun Dev Arora (Venture Partner) and Rina Onur (GP of 500 Istanbul) will speak on stage, while Sharif El-Badawi (Venture Partner) and Enis Hulli (AP of 500 Istanbul) will be active as mentors. Exclusive for the event, 500 Startups will be holding open office hours for startups from all stages. Please visit 500istanbul.co/startupistanbul to schedule a meeting!


500 shows great faith in the region as 500 Istanbul fund invested in 7 companies in the past two months: Skyfunnel, Carbon Health, MovieLaLa, Mall IQ, Plum, PVGNA, Massive Bio. No matter what is happening politically, the region as a whole is unsuspectingly large, giving way to potential regional powerhouses and access to a young talent base. 500 Startups has been particularly lucky in this arena with investments like Koding, Mobile Action and Udemy; all headquartered in the Valley but has significant development teams in Turkey. This allows for a new generation of Turkish developers and future entrepreneurs, learning by doing in the Valley, who can later help build innovative companies themselves.


Please visit 500istanbul.co/startupistanbul to schedule a meeting during Startup Istanbul.

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