AirAsia launches venture capital fund in the US and strategic partnership with 500 Startups


March 04, 2019

Today we would like to tell you about our dear friends, AirAsia.

AirAsia is a $2 Billion dollar public company running the largest low-cost airline in Asia, shuttling 90 million passengers to 140 locations a year. Founded by the dynamic entrepreneur Tony Fernandes, AirAsia is no stranger to innovation. In fact, they first launched with digital-only purchasing 18 years ago, introducing the first online air travel purchase for many in Southeast Asia. Fast forward to 2019 and the team is now running a regional payments company, among other tech businesses, under the brand RedBeat Capital.

Today, they are taking their foray into tech a step further, launching a venture capital fund called RedBeat Capital.

RedBeat Capital has announced a strategic partnership with 500 Startups where we will be helping them get a closer look at our accelerator companies seeking additional capital sources for their Series A. In a time where more tech startups scale globally, this will ensure that 500 founders have friends who can give them some help along the way.

We are so proud to have AirAsia as a friend and partner for our startups. They’ve proven their ability to build a huge new business from scratch in Asia and have a well-known startup mentality. We look forward to this partnership as yet another bridge between Southeast Asia and Silicon Valley, adding momentum to innovators that are ready for a new world of accessible capital!

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