Jenna Birch

Jenna Birch is a longtime journalist, and content strategist for startups, entrepreneurs and VCs. She is author of The Love Gap: A Radical Plan to Win in Life & Love (Grand Central Publishing), and her work has been published in The Washington Post, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, The Helm, InStyle, HuffPost, and more.

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January 05, 2021
January 05, 2021

Thinknum Co-Founder Gregory Ugwi on Growing Only as Fast as You Learn

Lagos-native Gregory Ugwi started his career as a strategist (or “strat”) at Goldman Sachs in 2008. “As a strat, you write code and build data models while working with salespeople and traders,” he said. “You’re supporting them.” Ugwi liked everyt...
November 17, 2020
November 17, 2020

How Former NFL Player Mike Brown Is Innovating Philanthropy with His Platform Win-Win

To understand Win-Win, a gamified giving platform, you have to understand founder and CEO Mike Brown’s journey. It started in Houston, Texas, where Brown grew up a football star and 4.0 student, with a charitable streak. “My mom raised me to be im...
November 04, 2020
November 04, 2020

How Yonas Beshawred Built StackShare into a Critical Tool for Developers

When Stackshare founder Yonas Beshawred first graduated from college, he joined one of the world’s largest consulting firms, Accenture, and quickly discovered the surprising way Fortune 500 companies were making tech decisions at-scale. They’d enl...

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Andres Wydler Executive Director, StartOut Andres Wydler is the Executive Director of StartOut, the largest national nonprofit organization supporting LGBTQ entrepreneurs. He has two decades of successful start-up experience as a co-founder, executive, angel investor, advisor, and board member. Andres’ career focused on corporate and business development, predominantly with early stage technology firms. Over the last decade, he raised equity and debt financing from first tier VCs, investment banks, strategic investors, and economic development partners. He secured government funds to augment private capital and completed acquisitions in the US, Europe, and Latin America. Most of his director and advisor positions focused on fast growing software and clean tech companies. Andres also co-founded an angel group that invested in and exited tech firms with cross-border strategies, and continues to be active in the space. Andres earned an MBA from Stanford and a JD equivalent (lic. iur.) from the University of Zurich’s law school. He developed and lectured a course on Clean Tech Entrepreneurship at Stanford University’s continuing studies program.