Happiness is a Warm Gun… and Good Design!

Jess Erickson

September 09, 2010

Mark your calendars for Friday October 8! Our first event, Warm Gun, will take place in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Center. Whether you’re a UX designer by trade or you’re a startup founder that wants to learn how good design = more conversions, we hope to see you there.

We’ll share more details as the event gets closer. Here’s a preview of some of our talks:

    • Pretty vs. $hitty: Design that Converts!


  • Engineers are from Mars, Designers are from Venus: How to Communicate & Work Together in Harmony



  • Form, Meet Function: Matching business goals with user behavior



  • Mobile First! 3 Reasons You Should Design For Mobile Before Web



  • 10 Things Startups Should Know About Design



  • 10 Things Designers Should Know About Startups



  • 5 Things to Do Before You Start Coding



  • Kill the Dinosaur – Sign-Up Forms Must Die!



  • Team Building & Organization: How to Hire the Right Mix of Engineers & Designers…& Keep Them Happy



  • The Psychology of Design: How Design Thinking Applies to Your Bottom Line



Jeff Veen, Jason Putorti, Mark Skaggs, Kate Aronowitz, Irene Au, Michael Dearing, and Larry Cornett and many other talented design experts will be speaking at Warm Gun and looking forward to meeting you. We’re also jazzed to have Geoffrey Miller, evolutionary psychologist & author of “Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior”, delivering the keynote to kick off the day.

Visit warmgun.com to learn more and sign up. Tickets are still available. Hope to see you there!

In the meantime, sing along to the event’s namesake…

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