Have a Burning Startup Question? Get it Answered on the Founder Hotline!

Jess Erickson

October 30, 2013

Are you a founder who needs advice? (Answer: yes, yes you are).

We’re starting a new podcast dedicated to answering tough questions from startup founders. Have fundraising issues? Dealing co-founder drama? Unsure of how to divide equity among employees? Clueless about marketing or distribution? The 500 team is here for you!

How to Submit a Question

There are a few ways to send in your questions:

#1 Use the Google form below:

#2 send us an email at FounderHotline@gmail.com

#3 Call in at (775) 574-8685 to leave a voicemail. The number automatically goes to voicemail, so don’t worry about Dave McClure picking up .

Remember: your submission is 100% anonymous. Follow the show @FounderHotline for updates on our first episode. We’re excited to answer your questions!

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