The Ultimate 500 Holiday Gift Guide

Jess Erickson

December 16, 2014

2014 is coming to a close and it’s that festive time of year again! Looking to find the perfect gift for your friend, colleague, family or lover? Well look no further. We’ve curated a little list of products BUILT BY 500’s portfolio companies. Happy holidays from US to YOU!

For foodies  

Doughbies (prices may vary) 

“I hate cookies”, said no one, ever……. Doughbies delivers freshly baked cookies in 20 minutes or less. Everything is handmade in small batches by local bakers who care about quality and method. YUM.

Available at https://doughbies.co/

LovewithFood (10.00/month)

Do you have that kale-lovin’ and snack-a-holic friend? If they’re too busy zen’ing it up at Yoga, this is the gift for them. LovewithFood delivers natural or organic snacks to their front door every month. With every snack box you get, you are donating a meal to feed a hungry child in the U.S.

Available at https://lovewithfood.com/

For audiophiles, DJs & rock-n-rollas

Drumpants 129.99  (15% off your pre-order with code: thanks15) 

Little drummer boy has taken on an entirely new meaning this holiday season. BEHOLD: DRUMPANTS. A wearable controller that uses 100+ built-in sounds, including percussion, synthesizers, pianos, and more. Or, upload your own custom sounds.

Available at http://www.drumpants.com/

Bohemian Guitars (Use code ‘500bohos’ at checkout to get 25% off your entire order!)

Unleash your inner Hendrix and snag a Bohemian Guitar for the new year. Feel good while purchasing too — for each guitar sold, one guitar goes to a partnering organization to support youth music education.

Available at https://www.bohemianguitars.com/


Avegant (499.00)

Wanna look like Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge this winter? Pre-order your Glyph and take your multi media experience to a whole other level. Boldly go where no man/woman has gone before with this new personal theater headset.

Available at http://avegant.com/

For extreme sports lovers

Zboard (549.00)

Wanna channel your inner Marty McFly and blast into the future? Hook it up with the new Zboard! A weight-sensing electric skateboard, simply lean forward to go and lean back to stop.

Available at http://www.zboardshop.com/


Karma (149.00)

FACT: We’re all a little addicted to being online

FACT 2: Sometimes wifi is hard to come by (bad connection, travel)

FACT 3: When we can’t connect, we sometimes lose our shit.

Well not anymore folks! Checkout Karma and get hooked up with wifi anywhere, anytime.

Available at https://yourkarma.com/ 

For folks who want to pimp out their home & office 

Astroprint (149.00)

Do you have mad DIY skills and plan to 3D print your own gifts this year? Make it simple and hook up AstroPrint for all your 3D printing needs.

Available at https://www.astroprint.com/

Ninja Sphere (329.00)

Calling all IoT groupies! Here’s a new toy you’ll wanna snag in 2015. Introducing the elegant and intelligent Ninja Sphere that gathers data from sensors and actuators to build a model that can inform you if something is out of place. It monitors temperature, lighting, energy usage, you and your pets’ presence.

Available at https://ninjablocks.com/

Wanna personalize all the gifts above?

Hook it up with GiftGram.

Available at https://giftgram.com/

BONUS TIP! Gifts to send Dave McClure this year: 

Available at http://www.walmart.com/

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