Feb 27, 2020 On Our Blog

Hospitality Tech as a Service

As sector agnostic investors, we get a first-hand look at tech-enabled startups across a number of different verticals. One which you may not have heard much about is HTaaS — or Hospitality Tech as a Service. We’ve recently partnered with LA Fund, an innovative hospitality-focused venture fund, to launch a one-week bootcamp for startups building products that have the potential to disrupt this space.  Recognizing the lack of support for tech-enabled hospitality companies, the LA Fund was created to help these startups fast-track their growth and connect them with the right industry leaders who can help them scale. We recently sat down with the founders of LA Fund, Lev Filiminov and Alex Balaban, to learn more about their inspiration for …

Jan 31, 2020 On Our Blog

Enterprise customers want to work with startups. Here’s how to get in the door.

Guest Post: The following post is a sponsored guest post by Perry Light, the Market Connect Lead, North America of Oracle for Startups. All views and opinions represented in this post are the views and opinions of Oracle for Startups and do not represent those of 500 Startups or any of its staff or affiliates. If you would like to join Oracle for Startups, apply and use the code “500 Startups”.  As a startup founder, you are an evangelist. You mesmerize your audience with your conviction and entice them with visions of a better world that is available through an offering that only you can provide. Rather than salvation, it’s savings you dangle before a rapt audience—a paradise of pain …

Mar 6, 2019 On Our Blog

Reinventing Private Wealth Management: Staying Ahead of Disruption in the Industry

Over the last few years, technologies like smart portfolios and robo-advisors have moved from gimmicky concepts to genuine competitive threats. The financial services industry as a whole has long recognized that it faced the threat of disruption. However, before now, many private wealth managers argued that strong client relationships would shield them from serious harm. There is now no question that technological innovation – coupled with shifts in client demographics and preferences – threaten to make traditional wealth managers obsolete. In order to ensure a future for themselves, private wealth managers can and must reinvent themselves. Those that combine their deep knowledge of client service today with innovative new capabilities will be ready to embrace the next generation of clientele. …

Sep 17, 2018 On Our Blog

Breaking into the
Asian API market:
RapidAPI and Rakuten Team Up

We met RapidAPI founder Iddo Gino when he and his team were merely a promising seed stage company; they were a part of our 16th accelerator batch in the fall of 2016 and were just breaking into the application program interface (API) space. For those unfamiliar, an API is a set of procedures, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Similar to how a visual user interface makes it simple for end users to use programs, application programming interfaces (APIs) make it easier for developers to use certain technologies in building applications. Since their time with 500, Rapid API process hundreds of billions (yes, with a “B”) of API calls every month and have raised capital from Silicon Valley giants …