Jun 9, 2015 Podcasts

Episode 54 – Brendon Kim & Jacopo Lenzi, Samsung Global Innovation Center

This week, 500 speaks with Brendon Kim and Jacopo Lenzi of Samsung’s Global Innovation Center. Brendon Kim has been investing in early stage start-up companies for over 18 years. He is currently Managing Director and head of the Strategic Investments Group. Jacopo Lenzi is the Head of the Strategic Acquisitions Group and leads Samsung’s efforts in acquiring software and services startups. “The mantra used to be that you didn’t want to get strategic investments until later in the lifecycle of a company,” say Brendon Kim and Jacopo Lenzi of Samsung’s Global Innovation Center. “But the lifecycle of a company is shortening. As companies get bigger and raise money faster, it makes sense to look to strategic partners earlier, rather than later.” We’ll …

Apr 24, 2015 Podcasts

Episode 53 – Tammy Camp & Matt Ellsworth, 500 Distro Team

This week, I speak with 500 Distro team members Tammy Camp and Matt Ellsworth. Learn more about our new Distrofund and WMD (Weapons of Mass Distribution), a one day conference covering marketing and distribution hack-tics to grow your startup. For more info visit: wmd.co Love the show? Don’t forget to rate us and subscribe on iTunes!

Apr 14, 2015 Podcasts

Episode 52 – Richard Werbe, Founder Of StudyPool

This week, I speak with batch 11 founder Richard Werbe about his new startup, StudyPool. Check outwww.studypool.com/ to learn how his team is building the modern day Cliffs Notes for everything. Love the show? Don’t forget to rate us and subscribe on iTunes!