Road to Series A:
Growth Program lands in Miami!


August 06, 2018

We told you we were excited to join the Miami heat and tech wave, and we are delivering.

500 Startups Miami is thrilled to share that its hallmark Growth Program: Road to Series A has landed in Miami.

If you are, or you know, a high-potential tech startup seeking to scale up in a sustainable way, this is for you!

The 10-week Road to Series A program, leveraging our global network and expertise, focuses on helping high-growth tech startups reach the next level of scalable and repeatable growth. Only 10 startups will be selected to participate in this program, with a special focus on those with operations in the South-Eastern US and Latam regions. Selected startups will get to work out of our Miami Innovation Center for the duration of the program (we only require you to be in Miami for four out of the 10 weeks.)

In addition to access to intense mentoring and hands-on support to test, pivot and validate growth strategies, inspiring guest speakers and high quality networking opportunities, the participating startups will pitch their companies to a group of investors from the 500 Startups network at the Miami Demo Day.

This growth program has been offered by 500 Startups in locations such as Los Angeles, London, and Tel Aviv. In 2015, 500 Startups ran this program in Miami to great success. Results of this program include the following:

  • CinePapaya negotiated a successful exit via sale to Fandango
  • Ofi raised $6M for its Series A
  • Participating startups saw an average +3x increase in annual revenue one year after the program.

Oh and did we mention… the program is free!

As this is not an investment program, no equity will be taken. Further, there will be no program fee charged for participation (which is usually $50,000.) This is possible thanks to the anchor partnership that 500 Startups Miami has with the Miami Downtown Development Authority, the Knight Foundation, and Visa.

The program will run from September 24 to November 30, 2018. Applications are open now through August 24, 2018. Apply now!

Questions? Email miami@500.co

See what the Miami Herald is saying about us!


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