Spotlight on the 500 SuperMentor Network (Videos)

Jess Erickson

January 28, 2011

The SuperMentors of 500 Startups – we’ve revealed their true identities and their superpowers on this very blog. They’ve dished out their secret tips and war stories to entrepreneurs all around the world. Yet you’ve never seen them in action. That is all about to change. RIGHT NOW.

Christine Tsai, the omnipotent Chief Pug Herder of the 500 SuperMentors, took some time out from her crazy schedule of herding pugs and fighting crime to shed some light on these amazing 500 SuperMentors. This never-before-seen video includes rare footage of an actual SuperMentor in his element – helping out one of our startups:

But wait – there’s more! We convinced a few of our heroes to unveil their masks, remove their capes, and say a few words for us in civilian form:

Thanks to micro-documentaries for producing these videos.

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