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5 Must Read Posts by the 500 Family!

500 Global Team

500 Global Team






Looking for some good startup-related things to read? Consider these 5 posts from the 500 family. There are some very good tips and solid wisdom in these posts. Happy reading!

The 80/20 Rule – By Paul Singh, Partner at 500. This post is on time management and focusing on the most important stuff.

Niche to Win, Baby – Dave McClure, Founding 500 Partner. This post is on how having a niche can help you beat out the competition.

8 Tips on Nuturing a Happier Work Environment – Christine Tsai, 500 Partner.  8 Things to keep in mind when building your company culture.

Startup Marketing: 2nd Class Citizen, 2nd Class Rate Results – Danielle Morrill, 500 Mentor. This is a must read on startup marketing. Danielle advises on how having a cohesive relationship between marketing and engineering is crucial for a tech startup.

3 Things I Learned at LinkedIn, 2 Things I Didn’t –  Mike Greenfield, 500’s Growth Hacker in Residence. Mike reflects on valuable lessons he gained from working at LinkedIn and its application to running a startup.

500 Global Team

500 Global Team