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500 Partners with Stanford Center for Professional Development to Train Investors to Find Unicorns, Rainbows, Pots o’ Gold

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500 Global Team

500 Global Team






Swimming around in a giant pool of money can get tiring.


That’s why we’re teaming up with Stanford Center for Professional Development for The Insider’s Guide to Silicon Valley Investing (IGSVI), a 2-week course on how to find your own centaurs (or maybe unicorns), get your hands dirty with early-stage tech investment, and put that pool full of gold coins to good use.

IGSVI is taught by Stanford Center for Professional Development faculty alongside 500’s own investment team, covering:

  • Who the stakeholders of tech investing and innovation ecosystem are, and how the structure of VC funds are setup.
  • The dynamics of multi-stage financing, and trends and recent changes in venture investing.
  • How to access opportunities and select startups to invest.
  • How to conduct due diligence and build a portfolio.
  • Review case studies from startup entrepreneurs raising capital.
  • Meeting with actual startups and founders, plus introductions to major players in the Silicon Valley ecosystem (VCs, angels, founders, advisors, acquirers, lawyers, etc)

IGSVI will be led by Stanford Center for Professional Development faculty, and seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, Mike Lyons, Michael Lepech and Pedram Mokrian, and by 500 Startups managing partners, Dave McClure and Bedy Yang.

We built IGSVI after getting lots of requests from investors and partners wanting to learn the 500 secret sauce — how we make investments, how to tap into our global investor network, and how we got so badass.

The course runs from May 4th to May 15th, and will happen on Stanford Campus and at 500 Startup’s offices in San Francisco and Mountain View.

The deadline to apply is April 10th, so get on it and APPLY NOW.

Learn about the program:

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500 Global Team

500 Global Team