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December is flying by, and if you’re still struggling to find the perfect last minute gift, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of holiday treats for everyone on your list—500 style. All of the gifts below are made by portfolio companies in the 500 family, so you can spread holiday cheer while also supporting your fellow startups.

1. Copper Cow Coffee’s Vietnamese Coffee Kit

Once you taste this rich Vietnamese pour over, founded by Debbie Mullin of Batch 23, you’ll kick your Keurig to the curb. We keep this in stock at 500 HQ, and the perfectly sized single-serves (with included cream and sugar packets) have become an instant office favorite. The on-the-go packets are also convenient staples for travel or camping. “In less than a minute, the travelin’ man can be fueled up with the rich aroma and taste of mountain grown coffee.” –Forbes

2. Modern minimalist fine jewelry from Mejuri

Founded by Noura Sakkijha, this Batch 15 startup is everything the traditional fine jewelry industry isn’t. Its minimalist modern style and approachable price point have led it to skyrocket in popularity. “Mejuri’s style can best be described as everyday versatility, but its pieces never get lost in the crowd thanks to thoughtful details and eye-catching shapes. Whoever you buy the gift for, they’ll love how easy the jewelry is to wear.” –Business Insider

3. Hamama’s Microgreens Grow Kit

Hamama’s indoor microgreen kit requires zero gardening skills and minimal space. Just add water and in no time you’ve got fully grown microgreens ready to eat—from kale and broccoli to radish, arugula, and more. It was designed by Batch 24’s Camille Richman & Daniel Goodman, who were working on high tech robotic indoor agriculture at MIT when the idea of Hamama was born.


4. LittleFund for the youngsters in your life

LittleFund takes gift giving beyond material possessions and lets you set up a modern savings account for kids. Founded by Batch 20’s Mimi Chan, the company allows you to set custom goals (like college, guitar lessons, or a trip), which friends and family can then contribute to. “Building off of the now antiquated practice of giving savings bonds as gifts, Littlefund aims to bring gift giving into the highly tech-dependent millennial age.” –Crunchbase


5. A box of Fab Fit Fun

Fab Fit Fun delivers a box of full-size, premium products 4 times per year. This top-tier subscription box backed by 500 is stocked with $200 of goodies and can contain anything from makeup to jewelry to fitness products, and more.


6. A pair of MeUndies

Who says adults can’t wear glow in the dark Star Wars underwear? MeUndies makes a colorful range of both fun and classic underwear for men and women. “The startup is responsible for some of the best-looking, most comfortable underwear we’ve ever tried,” –Business Insider

7. Customized meal plans from PlateJoy

PlateJoy, a Batch 7 alum, makes hitting your New Year’s health goals easy as pie. For just $8/month, they’ll design meal plans and grocery lists that are customized to your tastes. “It’s thoughtful and convenient enough to inspire frequent usage, and it’s affordable at under $10 per month.” –Business Insider


8. A Winc Wine Gift Box

Winc’s trendy wine subscription is not your parents’ wine club—they’re on a mission to make monthly wine clubs cool again. This Batch 5 company was founded by an experienced sommelier, and they also make all of the wine that they sell. “One of the first and most popular wine clubs to integrate technology into its model proves that quality and quantity can coexist.” –Forbes


9. A DIY computer for kids from Batch 15’s Piper

The Piper computer kit includes everything a kid needs to build a real computer from start to finish, and even play Minecraft on. “The process is hands-on and will help youngsters gain an appreciation for the complexity of the devices we daily take for granted.” –Business Insider

10.  A makeup subscription to Ipsy

This gift is a no-brainer for the makeup junkie in your life. For only $10/month, Ipsy delivers 5 new makeup products to try each month, stylishly packed in their signature glam bags. USA Today named this 500-backed startup the #1 beauty box of 2018.


11. Scentbird’s monthly fragrances

Designer perfume makes an amazing gift, but can also be tricky; what if you drop $150 and they don’t like the smell? Enter Scentbird—the company that lets you change your scent with the season for a fraction of the cost of a bottle of perfume. For just $15/month, they let you choose a month’s supply of the scent of your choice from over 500 name brand fragrances.


12. A sleek eco-friendly soap kit from Public Goods

This line of soaps, toiletries, and more from Batch 22’s Public Goods is good for both your skin and the environment. “Public Goods brings a Costco meets Trader Joe’s model of e-commerce to get better quality everyday products in biodegradable or recycled packaging: think toothbrushes, soaps, cleaners, paper towels, and more.” –Forbes


13. A grooming kit from the The Beard Club

Help the man in your life tame the tresses on his face with The Beard Club’s high quality grooming supplies. They offer an assortment of oils, soaps, shampoos, brushes, and more, all to create a truly customized beard kit.

500 Global Team

500 Global Team