Can you believe we’re already on our 10th accelerator batch? For those of you keeping track, this is our second batch in San Francisco, and our very FIRST batch in our fancy new office.

As always, our companies have all types of founders from everywhere on the globe. There are 28 companies in this group, and 11 of the 28 companies (39%) have at least one woman on the founding team. Additionally, 18 of 28 (64%) have at least one foreign‐born founder.

If you’re big on geography, you’ll be happy to know that 4 of the companies are from the Bay Area, but most of the teams come from other parts of the world, including LA, NYC, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Finally, 10 of the companies in this batch didn’t raise money before joining our accelerator, and 24 of the startups are already generating revenue. There’s a lot to be excited about with this group!

If you want to join 500, you’re in luck – Batch 11 applications are currently open. We’re always on the look out for great companies with traction and awesome founders. This time around, we’re particularly interested in startups focused on online video (think YouTube) and Pinterest (ecommerce!). Apply NOW.

Without further ado, here are all the companies in our latest accelerator:


CareLuLu is a marketplace that connects parents with licensed daycares and preschools. Instead of spending hours doing research, gathering references and driving around town for site visits, CareLuLu offersparents a personalized online search to quickly find safe and affordable daycare options that fit their family’sspecific needs.

Founders: Patrick Matos, Evgeniya (Jen) Usmanova, Gabriel Marques
From: Washington DC
Fun Fact: Our 3 founders come from 3 different continents, speak 6 languages, and have traveled to over 30 countries!

CREAM brings a true shopping experience to you via your mobile phone. Get the best of the breakthrough designers and brands right at your fingertips.

Founders: Aaron Kim
From: New York, New York & Seoul, South Korea

Feesheh is the first online store offering accessibility and competitive prices on musical instruments inthe Arab World & on oriental instruments globally.

Founders: Nur Alfayez, Fahed Farraj
From: Amman, Jordan (now open in Dubai, UAE too)
Fun Fact: Won 1st place in in Jordan at Seedstars World (

Gallery AlSharq
Gallery AlSharq is a provider of exclusive Middle Eastern stock photography images and digital content such as: vectors, sound effects, VAS images, and editorials segmented into multiple, unique categories andsourced from reputable experienced photographers from across the region.

Founders: Riham Mahafzah
From: Amman, Jordan

GiveSurance is a recurring funding platform for charities that allows supporters to make donations simply through their existing insurance payment while helping insurance brokers add cause marketing to do good and grow their business.

Founders: Brian Pittman, Jennifer Rasiah
From: Los Angeles, CA

Gymtrack builds a system for gyms that allows all of their members to automatically track their workouts,and builds a platform that lets gyms sell virtual personal training to their clients. Gymtrack’s system installs aftermarket onto any existing piece of gym equipment, and allows for members to wear their existing smart watches.

Founders: Lee Silverstone and Pablo Srugo
From: Ottawa, Canada
Fun Fact: The youngest people who work for Gymtrack are the founders!

LendSquare helps you lend money to small businesses in your neighborhood and get paid back withinterest and perks. When people finance businesses they care about, we get better businesses, stronger neighborhoods, and happy lenders.

Founders: Sebastian Villarreal, Jose Valdes
From: Chicago, USA
Fun Fact: Our oldest user is 85 years old.

Mind My Business
Mind My Business lets brick and mortars know what’s happening outside and around their store, and their risks for fines. We take open government data and make it useful for mom and pop shops.

Founders: Aileen Gemma Smith, Christopher Smith
From: New York, New York
Fun Fact: Wife and husband team that met at a failed startup in 2008. We decided to keep going.


Monkimun designs fun language educational games for kids 2­-8 years old. We are building an iconic brand and platform for language learning that parents can trust and recognise, rather than a hit­-game. Think: Duolingo + Tocaboca = Monkimun

Founders: Cristobal Viedma, Marieta Viedma
From: Madrid, Spain
Fun Fact: We are a team of 8 people working remotely from 5 different cities.

myTips is Optimizely for customer activation. Build, A/B test and analyze user onboarding experiences without coding.

Founders: Bogdan Suchyk, Roman Zadyrako, Igor Pashynnyk
From: Kiev, Ukraine

Declutter your life. Schedule one pickup and we’ll handle selling, donating, and discarding your unwanted household goods.

Founders: Luis Perez, Austin Rachlin
From: San Francisco, CA
Fun Fact: We went from idea to inventory in 7 days.

ProductBio has built a database that makes shopping and reporting easy and affordable for organizations that have to or want to be sustainable. We automatically index sources of product meta‐data, revealing how every product was made to help buyers make decisions in alignment to their requirements and values.

Founders: Angela Chen, Andrew Huynh
From: San Francisco and San Diego, USA
Fun Fact: Al Gore asked us for our pitch deck :).

Promolta helps music videos get seen through a targeted network of online publishers. Musicians gain new fans and publishers engage & monetize audiences.

Founders: Vlad Kachur, Anjit Anand, Mohan Raj, Igor Polyakov
From: San Francisco
Fun Fact: Just 5 months after launch, Promolta is global and already has paying customers in 57 countries.

RAIN is an app that helps small businesses effectively reach local customers by making mobile, local marketing easy and affordable. In a few quick steps, businesses can promote themselves using RAIN on allthe most popular mobile apps and websites – including everything from Facebook to CNN.

Founders: Skyler Sutton, Rick Citron
From: Los Angeles, CA
Fun Fact: RAIN’s team is comprised of fun‐loving people with a passion for all things in life, from tech to the great outdoors.

Revivn repurposes unused enterprise hardware by getting it to underserved communities. Once the benefiting communities receive the technology, we then share their empowering stories with the world.

Founders: John Fazzolari, Anthony Serina
From: New York, New York
Fun Fact: Revivn has already provided technology to communities all over the world including places like Kampala, Uganda, and Keboan in the East Java region of Indonesia.

Rover’s iBeacon platform helps retailers deliver a better customer experience by transforming their mobile apps into in‐store shopping companions.

Founders: John Coombs, Sean RuckerFrom: Toronto, Canada
Fun Fact: Rover’s two founders grew up in the same city, went to the same university and got married on the same day but had never connected until the company’s founding year.

Shakr makes high quality video ads possible for small businesses. It takes just a few minutes to makea great video ad with

Founders: David Lee, Dave Jansen, Minku Lee
From: Seoul, Korea

Shopline is a DIY e‐commerce platform that allows non‐tech‐savvy merchants to launch and run self‐branded, online shops in minutes. Targeting Chinese‐speaking cities in Asia, Shopline is localized for language and payment.

Founders: Raymond Yip, Tony Wong, Fiona Lau
From: Hong Kong

StudySoup is a peer‐to‐peer learning marketplace for college students. We empower top students to make money by selling notes, study guides and tutoring services.

Founders: Sieva Kozinsky, Jeffrey Silverman
From: Santa Barbara, California
Fun Fact: Our CTO is a professional Ultimate Frisbee player!

TrustCloud makes sharing work. We provide trust, safety and performance guarantee products for peer-to-peer networks.

Founders: Xin Chung, Miles Spencer
From: New York, New York
Fun Fact: We ate ramen noodles and peanut butter for four years.

The marketplace for peer‐to‐peer tutoring on college campuses.

Founders: Samir Makhani, Michael Koh|
From: Berkeley, CA
Fun Fact: We are all Cal Bears!

Uplette automates, consolidates, and optimizes the mobile advertising experience through the delivery of smart post‐ad content. With Uplette, brands and advertisers know who their customers are and how they are converting, boosting customer acquisition by 4.8x and click‐throughs by 2x when our proprietary feedback loop is integrated.

Founders: Amanda Parker, Alexey Adamsky
From: Toronto, Canada
Fun Fact: Our motto is “Sell first, build later.” We are constantly iterating and building Uplette with clients in mind.

UXCam is a tool that allows companies to improve user experience. We visualize data to help developers better understand how users interact with their app and make informed decisions to eliminate customer struggle and improve usability.

Founders: Kishan Gupta, Richard Groves
From: London, England
Fun Fact: The UK prime minister David Cameron has used UXCam and loved it.

Vantage Sports Inc.
Vantage Sports is a technology company that offers premium sports content to enterprises, media, and fansbased on its groundbreaking data platform.

Founders: Brett McDonald, Cameron Tangney, Chase Exon
From: San Francisco
Fun Fact: Stephen Curry was our pilot user.

WeDidIt helps nonprofits identify more fundraising opportunities from their existing networks by mining social and financial data on their donors. We provide an online platform that organizations use to raise money and research their donor’s capacity to give.

Founders: Su Sanni, Ben Lamson, Bryan Liff
From: Brooklyn, NY USA
Fun Fact: Every member of the team has played collegiate sports, is a music fan or indulges in Brooklyn hipsterdom.

Whim is a mobile app that sends you out on a date TONIGHT. We eliminate the extensive search, targeting,messaging, and planning required by existing dating platforms (e.g., Tinder, Hinge, CMB), replacing that model with a dating‐on‐demand service that brings you curated, same‐day dates with singles you have pre‐approved.

Founders: Eve Peters, Todd Blose, Katey Nilan
From: Los Angeles, CA

YogaTrail provides yogis with detailed descriptions and yoga‐centric reviews of tens of thousands of yoga venues around the world. Follow your teachers and studios and know when and where to go to class!

Founders: Alex Klein, Alex Jaton, Sven Ernst
From: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Zoomforth helps humanize professional communications. Our media collection tools coupled with our drag-and-drop visual message creator allows users with no technical or design experience to quickly deliver beautiful microsites.

Founders: Chris Murphy, Guru KhalsaFrom: San Francisco
Fun Fact: We have done work connecting the tech community with longer term residents in highly gentrifying neighborhoods like the Mission.