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Announcing 500 Summer School for Blockchain!

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Robert Neivert

Venture Partner





Three weeks ago, 500 Startups launched a new summer education program for blockchain companies in San Francisco. The new cohort consists of six innovative startups from four countries, all working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, many of them post-token offering and rapidly growing.

The participants’ solutions range from helping governments collect and audit crypto trader taxes, to innovative human resources systems helping companies find and hire the best employees, to the next Bloomberg for the Crypto world.

The beginning of a new tradition at 500, this program will run over the summer and will be focused on helping crypto companies develop focused growth strategies specifically tailored for their industry and carrying no investment. 500 Partner Robert Neivert and Entrepreneur in Residence Itai Damti will work closely with the companies.

Here is a full list of the companies:


The Austria-based startup provides a seamless, automated cryptocurrency tax reporting and portfolio monitoring platform. Users can combine all forms of cryptocurrency income for real-time tax calculation and generate legally approved, zero-knowledge tax reports.



A blockchain protocol for game developers that helps with game monetization by rewarding millions of gamers for time and skill. The team from Atlanta are working with 30+ game studios and are launching a regulatory compliant Security Token Offering.



A protocol that replaces resumes with a unified and portable skill-related reputation across applications to reinvent how the industry works from validation, to assessment to recruiting. The team based in Barcelona has also developed the first application on top of it ( and has another five platforms to connect with in the pipeline.



Ockam is a developer platform that makes it easy to give IoT devices secure identity and build trustful interoperability frameworks. We enable developers to build great products that take advantage of secure enclave and distributed ledger technology without all the headaches.

Ockam Team


Zeuss develops next generation blockchain-based Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) technology for cash intensive industries. Our solution non-intrusively monitors and verifies all financial activity across industries and efficiently fulfills federal regulatory compliance obligations.

Zeuss Team

UP Network

UP Network is the world’s first comprehensive, incentivized ICO rating resource. Users receive tokens for objective ratings, with potential of early investment allocation in popular ICOs. UP Network will eventually become fully decentralized, supported by smart contracts and Oddup’s research platform.

Got something you want to talk to us about here at 500 Startups?  We have a summer program and happy to work with folks working in this space. Feel free to contact me by email or on Telegram @NoOneofSignificance

Robert Neivert

Venture Partner

Rob is presently a Venture Partner at 500 Global specializing in B2B seed investments. Previously, he was an executive for startups having founded or worked at eight companies with four exits and four companies still operating. Rob was CEO for the last two venture-funded start-ups. He also maintains a broad domain of expertise, having held leadership positions in products, marketing, and operations. Academic credentials include a BA, BS, MS, and MBA degree from Stanford, Wesleyan, and Santa Clara. In addition to his role at 500 Global Venture Partner, he is a mentor/advisor for Cardinal Ventures, Stanford iFarm, and Stanford’s Treehacks program as well as an executive advisor for over 15 funded startups, and previously held the position of Executive in Residence at Quest Venture Partners.