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Batch 007 – License to FAIL. Applications Now Open to Join 500’s Fall 2013 Accelerator

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500 Global Team

500 Global Team






Spanning the globe is the ultimate, most badass team of secret agents that has ever existed. They’re known only by a mysterious codename: M500.

Their goal: find new talent wherever it lies, train founders and startups to achieve the impossible, and establish a worldwide network of ultra-cool entrepreneurs who like it shaken, not stirred.

We’re on a mission to build our next team of secret agents, Batch 007, and we’re searching the globe to find the best candidates. Recruits selected to enter training will gain access to current #500Strong agent network with with hubs in Silicon Valley, NYC and Mexico City. They’ll also make tons of money, have fun, and might even go on top-secret missions to markets in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and other locales.

Do you have what it takes? Take this helpful quiz from the M500 agent handbook:

    • Do you want to make your startup BLOW UP with funding from the world’s best secret agents?



  • Are you dying to be part of our #500STRONG global network of founders and mentors?




  • Want to work in the (not very) secret M500 lair in the heart of Silicon Valley?




  • Are you daring enough to be assigned the toughest mission of them all : demo days in Mountain View, SF and NYC ?



If you answered yes to all these questions, you might be badass enough for Batch 007.

Beginning today, July 16th, you can apply to be considered for our Fall 2013 Accelerator Program. All you need is an AngelList profile and a desire to kick ass around the world. A cool car helps, too.

How do I apply? Starting now, you’ll be able to submit your application through

When is the deadline? We’ll accept applications through August 16th at 11:59pm PST. Get started sooner rather than later – aspiring agents who miss the deadline will be out of luck.

When will I hear back from 500? Throughout the application process, our crew will reach out to companies to conduct interviews. We will likely make final decisions by September 9th, but that date is subject to change. Secret side missions may alter these dates slightly.


Applications open TODAY and will remain open until August 16th – we’ll be reviewing applications and reaching out to promising companies throughout the application process, including interviews.

We’ll likely be doing interviews starting August 26th. Decisions will likely be made during the week of September 9th. The first day of the Fall 2013 batch will be probably be October 7th.

These dates are all subject to change, but this is what we’re shooting for.

What kinds of companies does M500 look for? Being international, our group includes founders from everywhere, with all different kinds of backgrounds. We’re looking for companies with strong teams, clear revenue models, and a focus on building businesses in any of these areas:

– Consumer & Commerce

– SMB / SaaS

– Family Tech

– Education

– Marketing / Distribution services

– Video Content & Infrastructure

– Language / International

– Mobile / Tablet

– Financial Services / Payments

– Food Tech

To learn more about what we look for, read our full FAQ and check out the companies in our current Spring 2013 batch.

So, agent hopeful – are you ready to report to M500? Follow us on AngelList and apply today! Best of luck.

500 Global Team

500 Global Team