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Co-founding Love: College Roommates + 4 Steps

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This story is by Camilo Acosta. Camilo, along with Frank Langston and Dan Oblinger are co-founders of PaybyGroup. PaybyGroup lets you split group purchases easily. PaybyGroup is part of our 3rd accelerator batch. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Frank and I met as freshman at Princeton and became roommates during our upper classmen years.  After many long nights of drinking we would talk about starting our own business someday. Both of us came from entrepreneurial families so we knew we wanted to start our own thing, it was just a matter of finding something we were passionate about.  We came upon an idea two years after college and started our first startup, Root Orange.  While we were successful at raising money, the company went sideways and 2 1/2 years later we decided to start something new, PayByGroup!


We met our third co-founder, Dan, in a coffee shop in DC last summer.  He overheard us doing a customer development interview and immediately asked us if that’s what we were doing – he recognized the Four Steps methodology we were using. Everything just snowballed from there!
500 Global Team

500 Global Team