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Co-Founding Love: Secret Saturdays & Popping the Question

500 Global Team

500 Global Team






Secret Saturdays


This story is by Manolo Diaz on how he started working with Alberto Colin on Yogome.Yogome makes awesome educational games  for kids on web browsers and the iPad. You can follow Yogome on Twitter here.

Alberto (Left) & Manolo (right), Co-founders of Yogome.


I met my co-founder Alberto when I hired him for another educational project in Mexico, but I wasn’t happy with the approach that the project was taking so I quit and began working on Yogome.  Alberto decided to leave a 20+ team and a good salary to join me on the Yogome project. We started working secretly on Saturdays in an office from another business I had. It was really exciting.


The coolest part it was when we came to Silicon Valley on a 1-way plane ticket. We didn’t buy a ticket to go back to Mexico because we wanted to see where the adventure takes us. Finally  we convinced Dave during a demo day from a previous incubator in Mexico to bring us into the 500 family.  It was a great week, we got into the top 10 of educational games in the US app store and we got accepted to 500 too, so cool!


I Popped the Question 



This story is by Alexa Andrzejewski on how she met Ted Grubb. She and Ted, along with Soraya Darabi are co-founders of Foodspotting, where you can find and recommend dishes, not just restaurants. Follow them on Twitter here.



Alexa & Ted fundraising for Foodspotting.



I first came up with the idea for Foodspotting over 3 years ago. I was a designer at Adaptive Path, but I couldn’t actually build things. I set out to find a cofounder by sharing my idea with anyone who would listen. I soon realized that I didn’t even know what to look for in a developer. Luckily, one afternoon at an Adaptive Path happy hour, I overheard this guy Ted talking about a food app he was working on. I jumped in to share my idea. He liked the idea and agreed to help me figure out what to look for in a technical co-founder. A few months later, I thought, “Hmm, it sounds like YOU would be the perfect cofounder!” Over pizza at Flour + Water, I popped the question, and a few weeks later, Ted said yes!
500 Global Team

500 Global Team