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Fireside Chat with Mac Conwell, RareBreed VC

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Vanessa Samaniego

Operations Manager, Education





Since joining us at VC Unlocked: Silicon Valley last year, Mac Conwell of RareBreed VC has been on a roll.

He was recently named one of 14 Black and Latinx Emerging Fund Managers To Know (& Fund). During this interactive Q&A, Mac and 500’s Bedy Yang covered:

  • How Mac’s time as a founder shaped his venture outlook
  • Twitter and how to build a personal brand in the venture world
  • “Rarebreed” entrepreneurs & the importance of customer acquisition
  • What Mac learned at VC Unlocked: Silicon Valley


Vanessa Samaniego

Operations Manager, Education

Vanessa manages operations and client relations for the Investor Education team at 500. She ensures each Venture Capital Unlocked program runs smoothly while coordinating logistics and communications with various partners. In addition, she works closely with program participants throughout the recruitment, application, and interview process. Before joining 500, she worked in economic development, sales, and team training for an e-commerce business, and most recently, event and project management for a foundation. She graduated with a B.A. in the Program of Liberal Studies from the University of Notre Dame.