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Hiten Shah, Ryan Freitas, and Charles Hudson Save The World

500 Global Team

500 Global Team






Ok maybe not QUITE, but they did do something pretty awesome this week. Read on for more.

Since we announced the 500 Startups Accelerator last week, we’ve been having several excellent talks from our SuperMentors. This week, Hiten Shah, Ryan Freitas, and Charles Hudson took time out of their busy day of jumping from burning buildings and leaping tall buildings with a single bound to visit the 500 Startups Secret Lair and share their wisdom with our budding mad scientists (aka accelerator startups).

Live Metrics Review with Hiten Shah

To kick off the week, Hiten Shah did a “live metrics review” with our startups. Each one got put into the hot seat and shared their current state of customer metrics. Hiten then became Simon Cowell and gave them honest feedback on how they could improve their metrics analysis. (No video available for this talk)

Hiten tears apart InternMatch’s metrics (don’t worry, he didn’t make them cry)
Ryan Freitas: “Filling in the Gaps: Validating Ideas with Design”

Ryan Freitas, designer and co-founder of (which was recently acquired by AOL), swooped in on Thursday and talked about validating ideas with design. Check out the video below to watch Ryan’s talk. You can also download slides from his presentation here.

Charles Hudson says “Don’t Let BD Tank Your Startup!!”

Finally, Charles Hudson, co-founder of Bionic Panda Games and venture partner at SoftTech VC, delivered a talk about BD for startups – in particular, how to approach the function and when/how it makes sense for early-stage startups. No video available for this talk, but Charles’ slides are embedded below. Also, Charles wrote a great blog post on BD for startups which you should also check out.

500 Global Team

500 Global Team