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Making Lots of Little Bets: Dave McClure Talks 500’s Strategy

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During our recent trip Geeks on a Plane trip to India, Dave McClure, 500’s founding partner and resident Sith Lord, sat down to chat with a local journalist. In the interview, Dave discusses the 500 Startups investment strategy: make lots of little bets across a diverse set of companies.

Dave states that “with the exception of a handful of other investors, nobody makes more than 50 investments in a year. We are applying a different philosophy and model from most other funds.”

The interview also covers 500’s interest in international companies, and why Dave thinks there’s more interesting growth happening in India and Asia than Europe. He states, “India is one of the biggest markets for us primarily because of the advantages: it is English-speaking, has a lot of connections with the US, and is backed by strong talent and cooperation between the two countries.”

Dave also covers why 500’s so interested in food tech, and why food-focused startups “aren’t going away anytime soon.” Check out the full interview here.

500 Global Team

500 Global Team