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Meet Batch 18 — 500 LatAm

We selected 12 companies from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru to be part of our 16 week program: Somos Lucha

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Jose Herrarte

Jose Herrarte

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At 500 LatAm we have a clear mission: help the most talented Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in Latin America build successful companies that leverage technology to scale.

To achieve this, we aim to provide them with greater opportunities, including capital and know-how.

Although the current macroeconomic environment has been challenging, Latin American founders have shown time and time again that they are capable of building tech products that add value to users, thanks to a resilient attitude and a strong focus on solving latent problems in our region.

For this reason, we are thrilled to present the 12 companies that make up the new batch 18 of our program: Somos Lucha.

The process is very competitive along each step of the way. We received hundreds of applications, of which we selected only 12 companies who operate in multiple industries such as FinTech, AgTech, Developer Tools, Retail, LegalTech, Productivity, Logistics and EdTech. The startups hail from Argentina (5), México (3), Chile (2), Colombia (1) and Perú (1). 

Along with our investment comes a commitment from our 500 LatAm team to prepare each founder in multiple areas, including sales, growth, corporate culture, capital raising, and more. According to the needs of each company:

  • We assign a member of the investment team as the Point of Contact.
  • We have spaces for conversation and inspiration with expert guests.
  • And, we connect them with relevant actors in our network so that they add value to their companies.

Batch 18 of the “Somos Lucha” program started on February 20, 2023. Over the past 16 weeks, we focused on sharing practical content to:

  • Build the foundations for the company’s growth.
  • Professionalize the founders as leaders.
  • Support with business development.
  • Connect them with potential investors, mentors, and founders within  our network.
  • Prepare them for their capital raising process.

Demo Day will be on June 8, 2023, where the founders will present their startups to attendees. At the end of the program, we remain partners with each company and will continue to provide value to the graduated companies through various free services, according to each company’s growth needs. 

“Somos Lucha” is only the beginning of our relationship with the companies we invest in. At 500, we will continue to help the most talented Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in Latin America build successful companies.

Without further ado, Somos Lucha presents to you the Batch 18 companies:

  • Ali (México): AI-powered document processing platform that helps lawyers find information and insights in large sets of documents all in a matter of seconds.
  • Calificadas (Argentina): Virtual coach that is on a mission to empower Spanish-speaking women in the workplace through the development of communication and leadership skills.
  • Das Calendar (Argentina): Social calendar that enables individuals to take better control of their time and helps maximize productivity by organizing all calendars in one place.
  • Dapta (Colombia): No-code SaaS platform that builds custom integrations through APIs.
  • Invera (Argentina): Fintech platform that provides the infrastructure to embed and scale investment products to financial institutions.
  • LedgiFi (Chile): Automates crypto taxes in Latam, with plans to move beyond crypto into a platform where millennials grow their wealth, track & share their portfolios.
  • PriceLab (Perú): SaaS that helps make communication and pricing strategy efficient for retailers’ stores through a hardware and software ecosystem powered by dynamic pricing.
  • Retliq (México): Reverse logistics platform for eCommerce companies that aims to simplify the liquidation, reshipment, and product disarmament management.
  • Serpa (México): SaaS platform that enables quick and effortless deployment of code to cloud.
  • Takenos (Argentina): A digital wallet designed for Latin American cross-border workers to access earnings instantly, in cash or crypto.
  • The Earth Says (Chile): Digital platform that reviews and leases certified bee hives to optimize pollination, allowing farmers to improve crop profitability.
  • Tufud (Argentina): SaaS platform that aims to transform order management between restaurants and suppliers through a single channel that centralizes, digitizes, and optimizes the supply chain

Querido Batch 18, ¡bienvenidos! #TodosSomosLucha

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Jose Herrarte

Jose Herrarte

LatAm Content Producer

Apprentice of creative processes and human communication. +7 years in entrepreneurship and marketing. Responsible for the presence in LatAm of 500 brand through relevant content.