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More Funding for Female Founders – Our First 500 Women Syndicate Startups

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Earlier this year, we announced 500 Women, one of our first AngelList syndicates. This was an important step for us in supporting women-led companies and encouraging more women to grab a seat on the other side of the table as angel investors. Today, we’re excited to share news about the first two companies we’ve selected for the syndicate – FameBit and Wanderable.

FameBit, our first 500 Women company, is a platform to hire and work with YouTube Influencers. They’re from our 8th batch of companies, and have grown by leaps and bounds since leaving the program. In July alone, FameBit hit some major milestones and produced over 1,000 videos for companies while paying out over $250,000 to YouTube Content Creators. They’re now working with top brands that include L’Oreal, JustFab, ShoeDazzle, eSalon, and Dollar Shave Club among many others.

Our second company, Wanderable, modernizes the honeymoon-planning process by allowing couples to easily discover and fund their dream honeymoon trip online and through an awesome mobile app. So far, they have 21,000 couples creating registries and 700 merchants in the marketplace. They’re currently focused on building strategic partnerships and creating exclusive activities, like private yacht cruises with a personal chef, and private viewings of the Crown Jewels in London. It’s a really exciting company, and we’re excited to open up the 500 Women syndicate with them today.

Both FameBit and Wanderable have awesome women on the founding team, and we can’t wait to support them and even more entrepreneurs through our syndicates. We already have some fantastic syndicate backers (like high profile investors that also invested in Zappos and Uber), and would love to have more folks in the community – both women and men – join us to support female founders.

If you believe in fixing the gender imbalance in tech, we encourage you to put your money where your mouth is :). To back our syndicate and support awesome companies, visit

500 Global Team

500 Global Team