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The Future of Physical Spaces

500 Global Team



From where we work, to how we live and play, COVID-19 is changing our relationship with physical spaces. In this report, we explore how stakeholders can capitalize on new opportunities in areas ranging from real estate to retail. 

The pandemic has thwarted, introduced and accelerated new trends and behaviors, including heightened health consciousness and the shift to remote work. Their trajectory and long-term implications will vary by nation and city, but they already point to how the public’s needs and expectations are changing in relation to physical spaces, whether it is mass transit, the workplace or entertainment venues. 

As the boundaries between work and life blur, we must reimagine how we design and build properties to accommodate changing lifestyles and mobile workforces, with a focus on smart technology and sustainability. Streets once clogged with traffic may soon be reclaimed for pedestrians, while densely packed urban cores could shrink, creating a need to repurpose spaces and rethink commercial strategies. Innovation is underway. 

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