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The Meeting of the SuperMentors

500 Global Team

500 Global Team






It was a dark and stormy night. In a secret lair hidden far far away from mere mortals, the SuperMentors of 500 Startups convened. They came from all over – Gotham, Metropolis, the planets Vulcan, Cybertron, and Naboo, and The Shire. In just a few hours, they devised a master plan for world domination. That and some killer ideas on how to help the startups of 500 Startups go to infinity… and beyond!

Such an affair can best be documented in picture form:

Mentors mingling

After a long day of saving lives and fighting crime, the SuperMentors arrived to the secret lair understandably famished. They recharged with sustenance and invigorating conversation.

David Shen listens intently

The Incredible Hulk (aka David Shen) talks shop with fellow SuperMentors.


Daredevil (aka John Zeratsky) reunites with old partners in crime.

Great turnout!

The secret lair is PACKED. SuperMentors ready to roll.


SuperMentors listening intently to the 500 Overlord.


Thor (aka Bradley Heilbrun) and The Punisher (aka Rick Boardman) duke it out.

Cybertron found a nice hideaway in the Gunderson kitchen

SuperMentors divided into smaller groups to brainstorm. Team Cybertron had a lively discussion.

Gotham clustering

Team Gotham searching for truth, justice, and the 500 way.

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When this much AWESOME and POWER congregate in a single location, not much can be done to contain that – as evidenced by the excitement generated in the Twittersphere by the SuperMentors:

@elliotloh: The last time I saw a group like this was the incoming college hires at my first job. This time everyone has a track record. @500startups

@bwitlin: Hey @davemcclure, looking forward to the superfriends meetup tonight @500startups #letthegamesbegin#icallmysecretpowerislasereyes

@shaherose: I spy at least 4 kick ass canadiens here @500startups mentor night!

All in all, it was a fantastic event. We are indebted to the SuperMentors for their passion and commitment. The world waits with baited breath to see them use their superpowers to help the startups of 500!

500 Global Team

500 Global Team