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We’re hiring @ 500 Startups — know anyone who’d ROCK this position (below)? Send them our way…


To better connect the greater tech ecosystem and promote entrepreneurship on a global scale, we produce numerous conferences, events, and world tours including Geeks on a Plane (global tech tour), Warm Gun: Designing Happiness (UI & UX design), Inbox Love (future of email), The Lean Startup SXSW (startup metrics), SMASH summit (customer acquisition), and Demo Days (showcase of our incubator startups).

We’re growing at a rapid pace, and are hiring a full-time Senior Conference Producer to join our team. Reporting directly to one of the Partners, you will be instrumental in the growth and success of our events division.

As Senior Conference Producer, you will:

•   Produce and grow a portfolio of key events and conferences

•    Build and manage event budgets that meet or exceed net revenue goals

•   Source potential conference sponsors with the goal of identifying and building relationships with companies whose products, vision, and team, are aligned with our commitment to tech entrepreneurship

•   Independently generate leads and close ‘the right’ sponsorships (i.,e. companies that are a fit for the conference and our overall mission) to meet revenue goals for each event

•   Research tech trends and collaborate with partners, advisors, startups, and mentors to create best-in-class content

•    Recruit industry-leading speakers from today’s most exciting and relevant tech companies, and work alongside them to craft their presentations or panels and ensure content alignment

•   Understand the mindset of a tech entrepreneur, and write copy for conference websites and email blasts in a way that ‘speaks’ their language

•   Execute our unique marketing vision and strategy for each conference, with coordination support from event team

•   Exercise creativity and originality in marketing campaigns, with a strong emphasis on social platforms

•   Manage our conference partners (sponsors) throughout the process, helping them craft their participation in a way that supports and understands our audience, and ultimately builds long-term bonds between 500 Startups and event partners

•   Manage operations team including speaker communications, attendee registration, venue and vendor sourcing/coordination, press outreach, volunteer recruitment, marketing campaigns, and sponsor communications.

•   Conduct research on industry events, and work with operations team to maintain industry event calendar and identify feasible dates for upcoming conferences.

•   Be an important force in setting our focus areas and developing strategy for connecting tech entrepreneurs worldwide, while maintaining our commitment to quality, originality, and fun.

Our ideal candidate:

•   Has at least 5 years of work experience and a track record of success

•   Has at least 3 years of domain-expertise in producing conferences that incorporate multiple ‘stakeholders’ (speakers, sponsors, investors, press, etc.) and at least 2 years of experience in recruiting and closing event sponsorships

•   Plainly and simply gets the job done – which means being a goal-setter and self-starter, operating efficiently and self-correcting, moving quickly but effectively, and meeting deadlines

•   Is an adaptive business conversationalist, able to discuss a wide variety of topics including technology, investing, entrepreneurship, etc.

•   Is highly social and gets energized by connecting with others, finding convergence points, and creating opportunities for working together

•   Is both curious and fearless – able to dive headfirst into a foreign and confusing situation with ease, ask the right questions, and independently figure out how to operate effectively

•   Doesn’t have much of an ego – and instead is driven by the thrill of accomplishment, the desire for team spirit, and the love of the game

•   Is extremely hard-working and highly prioritizes their career, even when it means giving up evenings and weekends to get the job done

•    Is willing to occasionally travel

•   Is motivated to continually advance and grow in their professional career, and build a long-term relationship with 500 Startups

TO APPLY: Send your cover letter, resume, AND salary requirements to Christen O’Brien, Partner (christen at 500 startups dot com). Feel free to also include additional information that speaks to your qualifications (videos, blogs, articles, etc.).

500 Global Team

500 Global Team