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We’re Launching a New Conference > MamaBear on Apr 20, 2012 in Mountain View!

500 Global Team

500 Global Team






Join 500 Startups, Actor/Entrepreneur LeVar Burton, Disney, BabyCenter, & many others…

Did you know The Mama market is $2.1 trillion strong…and growing?! Moms today are economic powerhouses – and like mama bears, are loving, nurturing, and fiercely protective. One of our main focuses at 500 Startups is startups in the family tech arena. As such, we are launching MamaBear is a 1-day conference for startups, platforms, and thought leaders to explore new technology for moms, kids, and families —from education to safety, and health & wellness to community.

When: Friday, April 20th, 2012
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: Microsoft campus in Mountain View, CA
At MamaBear We’ll Cover:
> Finding Customers: Distribution via platforms, partnerships, & press
> Driving Conversion: UX & UI design for moms, kids, & families
> Platforms that perform: Covering iOS, Android, Facebook, + more
> Customer Development with Kids: 10 things NOT to do
> Email for Females: Marketing to the mommy set
> The (Family) Viral Coefficient: Viral growth in a security-conscious market
> How much?: Monetization models, and lessons in pricing
> and more
Case Studies From…
> Kate Connally, CEO, tadami
> Brooke Chaffin, SVP Women & Family, Disney Interactive Media Group
> Mauria Finley, Founder & CEO, Citrus Lane
> Mike Greenfield, Co-Founder & CTO, circle of moms
> Seth Berman, Director of Global Marketing, babycenter
> Jacob Klein,  Co-Founder, MotionMath
> Wayee Chu, Partner Associate, NewSchools Venture Fund
> Oren Jacob, Founder & CEO, ToyTalk
> Jody Sherman, Founder, ecomom
> Jesse Pickard, Founder & CEO, MindSnacks
> Byrne Reese, Head of Customer Development, ToyTalk
500 Global Team

500 Global Team