Calling All Monsters! Join the 500 Startups Accelerator!

EXTRA! EXTRA! 500 Startups is looking for MONSTERS, from all corners of the planet!



Are you the biggest fish in your small pond? Have you already raised tons of cash? Are you ready to step it up to the next level and play in the big leagues?


If so, then 500 wants YOU to come to the valley and CRUSH IT. Join the Fall 2012 batch of the 500 Accelerator Program!


How, you ask? Well, today we’re doing something we’ve never done before. An open application process. (Pause for reaction)  Starting today through Sunday September 23, you can submit your application for the 500 Accelerator here:

We’ve already chosen a small number of scary startups to join us at the 500 Secret Lair come October. However, we’re craving more – like zombies crave brains. We want to see what you got.Apply now at


Vi Tran

Vi is the Social Media Intern at 500 Startups. When she's not obsessing over what's trending and engagement rate at 500, she hustles for Startup Grind. She likes sushi.

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  • Brett Radler

    What if we need to be out selling product…and we can’t be at the incubator at all times?

    • Dave McClure

      clones, baby, clones.

      • Franz Kromer

        When do companies find out if they are selected?

  • elaine wherry

    Love 500′s energy and excited to see how the AngelList application change opens up new opportunities and teams to consider.

  • Bhuvan thaker

    This is awesome!! MetroSmith is coming.