The #500Strong Community: 1000+ Founders, 500+ Startups, and 40+ Countries

It’s been a crazy 3 years at 500. We’re approaching our 7th batch of startups at 500 HQ, have founders and employees in more than 40 countries, and passed our 500th startup not too long ago. And no, we’re not changing our name anytime soon!

One thing we’re particularly proud of is the diversity of our #500Strong family. In addition to an investment team that’s 50% female, we’ve invested in tons of female founders, international entrepreneurs, and other people who have unique insights on underserved markets.

Here’s a sweet infographic with an overview of the community our startups are a part of:

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500infographic rs

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As excited as we are about everything we’ve accomplished, we think there’s still PLENTY of work to be done – and more ways for us to help entrepreneurs, whoever (and wherever) they are.

We received over 1200 applications for our fall 2013 class (codename: Batch 007), and are excited to have startups move in next week. We’ll announce our new startups soon, along with information about how YOU can join the 500 family. Here’s to our next 500 startups…

Mark Saldaña

Resident marketing manager and baker at 500 Startups.

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  • TweepForce

    great infographic and please keep updating this with now success rate over the 5 years –

  • John Moore

    No Blacks—not too diverse imho. You guys do good work, but what about Black founders/technologist?

    • markjsaldana

      Hi John,

      We’ve actually invested in a lot of black founders/entrepreneurs, both here (USA) and abroad. Apologies if that doesn’t come through in the infographic.

    • Fernando

      Evidence indicates that the black community is represented, some examples: Tie Society (Washington) Mayvenn and a few more from Africa,

    • entrepreneurSF

      Yeah, 2 companies from the last batch that we were in (Batch 6) had black co-founders and entrepreneurs — Mayvenn and Dropifi (and Dropifi is from Ghana, so 500 definitely seeks out a presence in Africa).

  • William Mougayar

    Very cool. How about Canada? I thought you had a couple of them there.

  • eniac

    Love it!

  • Sean Wycliffe

    @Dealflicks is Glad to be a part of #500STRONG! Loving every minute! :)

  • Drew Broadley

    P.S. You forgot New Zealand on your map, ironically a founder of Wildfire for your first listed founder success stories is from there ;)