How do I join an upcoming tour?

Start by filling out  an application form.  Spaces are limited, but we can be bribed... ;)

Once an applicant has been selected, the applicant will receive a confirmation email outlining next steps and other pertinent information.

How much will it cost?

Prices for GOAP tours typically range from $7,000 – $10,000 per Geek.  Each attendee will pay a $1,500-2,500 registration fee (startup founders pay a little less than everyone else), which covers GOAP operational overhead & planning.  In addition to registration, we also collect destination fees ($700-1,000 per city), which cover hotel & shuttle services, events & activities, drivers, guides, tips, taxes, some meals and really bad jokes from our resident curmudgeon, Dave McClure, over the mic.  Beyond that, all other travel costs (flights, some meals & souvenirs) are left up to attendees.  We give Geeks the freedom to book their own travel according to personal preferences, but we do suggest booking the same flights as Dave McClure and the 500 crew to maintain the camaraderie of the group.

Will I be able to take care of personal / business matters

while on the tour?

This is a trick question. You really, secretly, want to ignore your responsibilities for the duration of the trip and then blame us for it—don’t you? That’s cool.

We realize a 10-day journey is a big commitment, and the world doesn’t stop just because you are away.  That said, we understand the need to take care of personal/business matters while on the trip, and we do not prohibit Geeks from attending to such matters, as needed.  The only thing we do ask is that you try to schedule personal/business time during our social activities vs. during the planned events of the tour.

Will I be able to stay connected?

The first step in combating an addiction is acknowledging the problem. Right....

For a group of Geeks, Wi-Fi is like water—so yes, we make sure it’s available in all hotels and at many (if not all!) event locations.

If I tweet or upload photos, what tag should I use?

#GOAP <— Use it & abuse it

Joana Picq, Jampp

"I came home from GOAP with a tired body—but with an invigorated mind. As a result, I've signed up customers & learned which markets to attack more forcefully."

"In only 6 days, I got a real feel for the startup & tech ecosystems in Mexico & Colombia by watching pitches, meeting people & building strong ties that will last a long time."

Brandon West, SendGrid

Not ready to apply but want to stay informed?