Jun 18, 2015 On Our Blog

Podcast is the New Blog

Awhile back, a rather unassuming dude named Franco asked to interview me for his startup-related podcast.

Podcast? Do people still listen to podcasts?

Way MOAR than you think.

This post shows how founders can get in on this under-leveraged content marketing channel to grow your audience and get more customers. Read more…

Jun 11, 2011 On Our Blog

An Inside Look at the Secret 500 Accelerator

In response to the accusations by Mountain View residents of accelerator participants emerging with third arms or combining within the accelerator to form shimmering/glowing super-startups, we can neither confirm nor deny these totally awesome side effects. However the Sith Lord himself sees fit to address the questions that seek to pierce the mystique of the accelerator by releasing this top secret, never-before-seen video. Fear not, brave souls of the second class, behold the secrets of the 500 Accelerator: Thanks to micro-documentaries for producing this video.