Aug 23, 2011 On Our Blog

The Food Startup Landscape: Investing Lessons Learned

Thank you to everyone who came out to our event, “The New Food Chain: Investing in Food Startups” where we learned about world of food and technology and what kinds of investment opportunities and new startups were were in the space today. Investors like William Rosenzweig Managing Director of Physic Ventures, Ilya Fushman, Ph.D., Principal, Vinod Khosla Ventures, and Tom Cole, Former Investor, Trinity Ventures shared their expertise on the market and what to look for when investing in a food startups. We also saw demos from hot new startups like Culturekitchen, Spoondate and Foodspotting and many more.  Below are some take-aways from the evening. The Big Picture William Rosenzweig from Physic Ventures opened the event by providing the audience …

Aug 16, 2011 On Our Blog


Yeah, what-EV-er dude. In other news: the sky is blue and politicians lie.  Same Shit Different Day. Suck it up and get back to effing work.  It ain’t fall 2008 yet, and it certainly ain’t March 2000.  So what if the EU goes belly up (again) and the US housing market tanks (again).  People are still gonna buy stuff on the interwebs. And we sure hope China, India, and Brazil are paying next month’s rent. So while the rest of the world fiddles, 500 Startups is ON FIRE (in a good way). After 3 months of beating the crap out of our 2nd batch of startups, they kind of don’t suck and we think they’re ready for 500 Demo Days …

Aug 11, 2011 On Our Blog

What Is a Geek?

Every time I speak with someone about ‘Geeks on a Plane‘ (our worldwide tours to meet startups + geeks in lands afar), their first response is always “I love that name”. I’m not sure if they’re huge fans of Samuel L. Jackson (who isn’t, right?) or just fans of all things geeky, but we started to wonder what actually constitutes a geek. During the latest ‘Geeks on a Plane’ voyage to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, we asked some pretty influential entrepreneurs – both locals and our travelers – what it really means to be a geek. Here’s what they had to say… For those of you interested in upcoming GOAP tours: ASIA > October 11-25: Tour stops in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, …

Aug 3, 2011 On Our Blog

Why You’re Not Getting a Meeting: Part II

500 Startups Office Manager and Executive Assistant to Dave McClure, Melissa Grody (@DMelissaG) continues with Part 2 of ” Why You’re Not Getting a Meeting,” in which she explains what you should be doing to increase your chances of getting a meeting. Catch up on Part 1 here. To Dos Do your own homework Not only regarding 500 Startups in general but in reference to connections and referrals. We’re particularly noticeable in this regard since a lot of our incoming requests are via referrals. When advised of this, go do your own homework. Don’t ask the EA to intro you to people, or even worse, ask to use them as the main intro in. Seriously. (Every time I think of the people …

Aug 2, 2011 On Our Blog

Why You’re Not Getting a Meeting: Part I

Melissa Grody (@DMelissaG) is the 500 Startups Office Manager and Executive Assistant to Dave McClure. Melissa hails from the land of snow and ice (Pennsylvania) and is a recent resident of Silicon Valley. Before this she worked virtually (or perhaps virtually worked, depending on who you ask) with various clients. In the spirit of MVP that’s all we’re going to say. Some may think this post is self-serving… and perhaps to a certain degree it is. As an all around person in the office and executive assistant (aka EA) I’m experiencing these things first hand every day all day long, and sometimes well into the night. It could be argued that my experience is unusual in that Dave is crazy when it comes …