Oct 31, 2011 On Our Blog

Zombies Invade 500 Accelerator, Hungry for BRAAAAAAAAINS

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – In recent weeks, residents of this quiet suburb have reported strange activity concentrated in the downtown area of Castro Street. There have been numerous sightings of zombies lumbering up and down Castro, mouths agape, in search of three things. Noted by many Castro St business owners whose shops and restaurants have been frequented by these zombies, they hear only these words coming from the zombies’ mouths over and over, in an erratic fashion: “BRAAAAAAAINS. CUUUUUUUUUSTOMERS.  MOOOOOOOOONEY.” These are not your garden variety zombies. Despite their appetite for human brains, two of them were recently spotted attempting the Pho Challenge. So it is apparent these zombies have chameleon-like abilities and are able to disguise themselves as human …

Oct 28, 2011 On Our Blog

Why We Started A Company to Eradicate Credit Card Debt

ReadyForZero recently announced that they closed a seed round of funding. We’re excited to welcome them to the 500 Startups crew! In this post, co-founders Ignacio “Nacho” Thayer and Rod Ebrahimi share their story on what inspired them to build a startup focused on credit card debt. ReadyForZero is currently in private beta, but you can visit www.readyforzero.com and sign up for the waitlist. We’re technical guys. We left infrastructure startups and big search companies to accept an invitation to join Y Combinator in the spring of 2010. We were a technical team that would take on a technical problem. Less than 6 months later[1] (footnotes in the style ofPaul Graham) we’ve evolved into a technical team trying to hack a very …