Nov 28, 2012 On Our Blog

How We Acquired 400,000 Subscribers And What You Didn’t Know About Email

Sree Vijaykumar is the founder of TradeBriefs, which helps every professional become an industry expert through daily email newsletters. TradeBriefs is in our current accelerator batch at 500 Startups. Previously, Sree also co-founded All India Retail and worked at Deloitte, IBM Global Business Services, and i2 Technologies. He studied Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, and IIT Bombay This post was originally posted on the TradeBriefs blog. The Beginning TradeBriefs started off as as an attempt to solve a personal problem. When the organized retail business in India started taking off a few years ago, I was a Retail consultant in the US, eagerly watching the space. The lack of a comprehensive and reliable source of information on this exciting new sector is what made me start our first portal and newsletter …

Nov 15, 2012 On Our Blog

Gangnam Style For Startups

  Chang Kim is a 500 Startups founder/mentor. Currently Chang is the CEO of Tapastic, a new online platform for webcomics and visual stories. Prior, Chang was a product manager of Blogger at Google. He joined Google when TNC, a blogging software company he co-founded, was acquired in 2008. Prior to TNC, Chang developed mobile content strategy at Samsung.  Korean pop singer PSY and Gangnam Style have become a global phenomenon, boasting over 700M views on YouTube to date. You see Gangnam Style everywhere – on US radio stations, played at professional sporting events, on TV. Despite the craze, PSY is the only Korean music artist to go global so far. The vast majority stay local to Korea. It begs …