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给力! 500 Goes BIG and Takes on China’s Trillion-Dollar Market

This month, we’re showing you where the biggest startup innovation is happening all around the globe. Today, check out insights from Rui Ma, 500’s Chinese Venture Partner, about why the largest nation in the world is ready to shake things up in the global tech scene. Want to be part of 500 Startups’ next batch? Apply now before the March 1st deadline. I went to high school and college in the United States, but was born and raised in China. I have always maintained a deep cultural connection to the country, both in terms of the language and the culture. Over the past few years, Chinese society has gone through (and continues to go through) big changes; people in China …

Feb 22, 2013 On Our Blog

给力!硅谷孵化器500startups 挺进中国市场

这个月,我们向您展示在世界各地发生的声势浩大的创业活动。今天,我们的访谈来自马睿,500startups的大中华区合伙人,她将向我们讲述为什么中国将会在全球的科技创新中扮演重要的角色。想要成为500startups的下一批孵化对象吗?在3月1日之前申请他们的春季加速器培养计划吧! 我在中国出生和长大,然后去美国读了高中和大学。我心中一直对中国有着深深的眷恋,它的语言和文化都在我身上留下了深深的烙印。在过去的几年里,中国社会经历了巨大的变迁,人们开始逐渐意识到中国对于整个世界的影响力日益增大。作为500startups的大中华区合伙人,我非常高兴能将他们坚定的信仰和精神传播到中国,那就是技术能够使世界变得更便捷,更高效,更有趣,能够使人们生活得更加幸福。 那么为什么当下中国是企业家和投资者一个极佳的选择呢?举个例子来说,在中国,创业者面对的市场是在与西方完全不同的量级上,人口数以十亿计,而非百万计。中国接近50亿的网民足以使西方任何一个国家相形见绌。 中国市场的巨大潜力早已为人们所察觉。中国的四大城市——北京,上海,深圳,广州,拥有超过1亿的居民,而且在过去的几年中财富得到了急剧的增长。但是这些人口集聚中心就已经提供了巨大的市场。尤其是对于科技企业而言,中国日益增长的消费人群对于产品的质量,应用程序,服务有着和西方的消费群体一样的需求。 在过去的几年中,我亲眼见证了中国的城市化进程,中国文化也越来越包容开放,能够接受失败,鼓励创业。尽管大型国企集团的稳定工作依旧为人们所青睐,但人们的就业选择已经日趋多元化。很多西方的思想通过中国媒体的渗透对这代人产生了很大的影响,很多接受了良好教育,拥有国际化视野的青年人开始接受新的挑战——去创业! 改革开放30年以来,中国经济的快速发展使得很多人脱离贫困,实现温饱。新生市场蕴藏的巨大机遇,相对低廉的创业成本,无数迅速致富的例子的激励(李彦宏,马化腾,马云的故事大家都耳熟能详)使得人们对于工作,生活,自我实现这些问题的想法发生了改变。 500startups深信这些趋势将会在未来的几年中继续深刻地影响中国的发展,我们将对投资中国企业保持长期关注。我们希望能够培养拥有良好增长前景的科技企业,并且在国内寻找心态开放,国际化视野的合作伙伴。我们非常兴奋地将500startups和它所代表的精神带来中国,也欣喜地看到在这一过程中,很多优秀的中国企业也被吸引到了我们身边。 如果你是一个给力的中国企业家,想要成为下一个市场的传奇,就赶紧申请我们的春季加速器培养计划吧! 文章来自马睿,500startups的风险投资家。她拥有很多投资经验,之前在Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley都有工作经历,最近在The Raine Group任职。当她空闲的时候,她会去各地品尝美食,还会和她的猫咪一起度过美好时光。

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Brazilians in the Bay: Qual Canal Shares Their #500Strong Experience

Every day this month, we’ll give you an inside look at 500 Startups. Today, some of our Brazilian brethren share what it was like to be part of our last accelerator batch. If you’re part of an awesome Brazilian startup, apply here to be considered for 500’s Spring 2013 Accelerator batch. (Deadline is March 1)  Last week, we told told you why Brazil is an amazing place for tech and innovation – and why we’re so excited to invest in awesome startups from the land of Capoeira and Xuxa. Today, founding members at Qual Canal, a social TV rating and engagement platform, share what their experience was like as part of 500’s latest batch of startups. “500 startups’ accelerator program was …

Feb 16, 2013 On Our Blog

JAI HO! 500 Helps Indian Startups March to Victory

Every day this month, we’ll give you an inside look at 500 Startups. Today, we’re whisking you away to the country behind Bollywood, the Taj Mahal and Sanskrit: India. If you’re an Indian entrepreneur who wants to blow up your startup in our Spring 2013 Accelerator batch, apply here before the March 1st deadline. I’ve seen dramatic changes in the Indian startup community over the last 6 years. Younger people are more willing to work at a startup (or found their own), rather than work for a big company. More accelerator programs are popping up, more investors are putting their money to work, and more entrepreneurs than ever have support from mentors. India is truly the country of MORE right …

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Breaking Down Borders: Why Language Startups Kick Ass

Every day this month, we’ll give you an inside look at 500 Startups. Today, we’re going global with a spotlight on why language startups are HOT. If you’re interested in being part of our Spring 2013 Accelerator batch, apply here before the March 1st deadline. If you grew up in the United States, it’s easy to think our country is the center of the Universe. Even saying “America” or “American” ignores the fact that we’re just one nation that’s part of a region made up of a whopping 36 countries – Mexico, Argentina and Brazil are just as much a part of America as we are. Here’s the reality: just over 5.5% of THE WORLD speaks English natively. And as the …

Feb 13, 2013 On Our Blog

Vai Brasil! Brazil’s Tech Scene Sambas Onto The World Stage

Every day this month, we’ll give you an inside look at 500 Startups. Today, we’re heading south to the land of Carnaval and Caipirinhas to share some insights about Brazil. If you’re interested in being part of our Spring 2013 Accelerator batch, apply here before the March 1st deadline.   Here’s a fun geography fact to kick off your week: Brazil is HUGE. Seriously.     Beyond its sheer size, Brazil has a booming startup scene along with a population of that’s tech savvy, modern, and hungry for innovation. There are nearly 200 million people in Brazil, and 80 million of those are internet users. Mobile’s massive as well, with more than 1.4 phones per person, with 22 million of …

Feb 11, 2013 On Our Blog

What it Means to Be #500Strong

Our mission at 500 has always been the same: kick ass, take names, and change the world by helping awesome startups succeed. We’re crazy diverse, and that’s just how we like it – our startups hail from places like Mexico and Korea, as do the founders behind them and the team that works from 500 Startups’ secret lair in Mountain View. The #500Strong team is more than just a seed fund and accelerator (ps, apply for the spring 2013 batch if you haven’t already) – we’re a global family of mentors, friends, investors, and teammates who help each other, push each other to succeed, and make f’n amazing sh!t happen. We also occasionally go out for epic, all-night karaoke sessions …

Feb 5, 2013 On Our Blog

How Preview Day Taught Me to Be Human

Tracy Lawrence is the CEO of Chewse, a B2B marketplace for corporate meals. Chewse has catered 20,000 meals to hungry offices that include Wells Fargo, PWC, and Cornerstone. Being from Los Angeles, she went to USC and is a proud Trojan, vegetarian, and lover of all desserts. Watch her pitch live with the rest of Batch 5 later this week. Preview Day is a private event here at 500 Startups that involves a bonanza of 30-second pitches from portfolio companies (including my startup, Chewse, please follow us on AngelList). I’ve learned a lot from the preparation process – mainly the importance of being a lot more human and open to fuck-ups. Learning to be vulnerable for Preview Day For the past 2 weeks, my …

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Watch 500 Startups’ Demo Days Live This Week

3 hours. 30 startups. 700 of the biggest investors in tech. Our upcoming demo days are going to be nothing short of epic, and you’re invited to see the action live. Starting this Wednesday, February 6th, you can watch the companies of Batch 5 pitch their hearts out by going to http://www.livestream.com/500startups. You can watch all 3 of our demo day sessions online by heading to our Livestream page the following times: Wednesday, Feb 6th at 1:00 pm, PST (Mountain View) Thursday, Feb 7th at 6:30 pm, PST (San Francisco) Friday Feb, 15th, 1:00 pm, PST (NYC) You can also follow us @500Startups to hear exactly when pitches kick off. We have an incredibly diverse range of companies presenting – you’ll …

Feb 2, 2013 On Our Blog

How to Recover and Learn from Startup Burnout

Diesel Laws is the Co-Founder & Head of User Experience at Kickfolio.com. Kickfolio is a 500 Startups-funded startup that lets users run native iPhone & iPad apps in the browser, creating engaging experiences & try-before-you-buy marketing opportunities. Tune into our Demo Days livestream on Wednesday, Feb. 6th at 1pm, PST to see Kickfolio and their batchmates pitch. Imagine you’re driving a race car. You’re slowing down to take a really tight corner, and braking around the corner properly is pivotal to finishing the race in 1st place. In that moment, it’s important to gather your bearings, plan your next few turns and gradually increase speed. If you’re too cautious, you’ll leave the corner too slowly and will lose the race. If you’re too fast, you may end …