Aug 30, 2013 Podcasts

Startup Founders Podcast – Special Growth Hacker Edition with Sean Percival

I have another member of the 500 Startups team on the show this week! Sean Percival has a storied background – he was VP of marketing at Myspace, founded his own company (Wittlebee), and worked on growth hacking before the term even existed. Get more tips from him and our distribution team @500Distribution on Twitter. iTunes Stitcher

Aug 28, 2013 On Our Blog

Traction and Sustainable Growth – A How-to Guide for Startups

Today’s guest post is by the co-founder of Limk, Oguz Serdar. Get even more distribution tips by following @500Distribution on Twitter and subscribing to our email newsletter.   So you’ve built a decent, functional product. You’re proud of it. You tell yourself that your growth curve should always look like a hockey stick—up and to the right.   “If you build it, they will come.” At least that’s what you thought. That might have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams, but in the real world, that kind of thinking will make your startup fail. Since most startups die because they don’t get enough traction, sustainable growth should be your #1 goal.   Here’s an overview on getting …

Aug 27, 2013 On Our Blog

Mobile App Distribution for Dummies

Do you have an awesome mobile app? Is it the most glorious piece of software you have ever set your eyes on? A true revelation in the mobile app industry that is sure to blow people’s minds all across the universe? If you answered yes to all those questions, you obviously don’t need to do any mobile app distribution. Since your product is SO awesome, you’re obviously going to attract users and you’ll be at the top of the charts in no time. NOT. Even if you have the most amazing app in the world, no one’s going to know about it unless you are acquiring users through some kind of distribution channel. In a perfect world, people would magically …

Aug 26, 2013 On Our Blog

How to Turn an Angry Customer into an Advocate

Earlier this summer, I had one of the worst experiences with one of my favorite startups. I’d somehow managed to lock myself out of my Airbnb condo in NYC.   A simple mistake meant that I was stranded in NYC, with ALL my personal belongings inside a stranger’s condo. Since the place had a 24 hour doorman, I figured getting back in would be as simple as getting a spare key. But the response I received was, “we don’t have any spare keys,” and both Airbnb and the owner weren’t responding to texts or emails. I had no place to go, and my phone was running out of battery.     Even worse, the super said that there was NO …

Aug 22, 2013 On Our Blog

Getting Early Social Media Followers (Besides Grandma)

This post is part of the ongoing Distribution Tuesday series. Every week the 500 Distribution Team highlights actionable resources for marketing your startup. Get even more tips by following @500Distribution on Twitter and subscribing to our email newsletter. You want to be social. You want your new brand to bask in the glory of many thousands of adoring fans on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, each day you look at your page only to see that cobwebs are forming. If your social pages had a soundtrack, it would probably just be the sound of “whomp, whomp” played on a sad trombone over and over again. Your social channels are not growing, and that sucks. So, how do you get things going? …

Aug 17, 2013 On Our Blog

Our Search for Secret Agents is DONE! Applications Closed for Batch 007

Did you make time to get your application in for our Fall Accelerator batch? We hope so – because applications CLOSED last night at 11:59pm PST. Over the last month, we’ve received hundreds of applications from potential secret agents, and we can’t wait to see who has what it takes to be part of next global team of badass founders – Batch 007. If you applied, be on the lookout for an email from us sometime soon. We’ll do our best to contact all applicants about their status over the next few weeks. For those curious about our next batch, check out the 500 Blog over the next month or so for news about the #500Strong agents of Batch 007. Didn’t make …

Aug 13, 2013 On Our Blog

How to Suck Less at E-mail Marketing

This post is part of the ongoing Distribution Tuesday series. Every week the 500 Distribution Team highlights actionable resources for marketing your startup. Get even more tips by following @500Distribution on Twitter and subscribing to our email newsletter. You suck at e-mail marketing. That’s OK though; many companies, especially early-stage ones, also suck just as badly. So winning in your space in some cases may simply be about sucking less than your competitors do. While social media sites and marketing tricks come and go, e-mail has remained a consistent driver of growth for start-ups. To that end, here’s a few recommendations to help: Start Early You can never start early enough when it comes to collecting e-mail addresses. This is probably the most important tactic …

Aug 9, 2013 Podcasts

Startup Founders Podcast Episode 16 – Chris Nolet, Co-founder of

We’re back from NYC! Join me this week as I speak with Chris Nolet, co-founder of He was a member of our spring 2013 accelerator program, so we talk about what he’s been up to since pitching his startup at demo day. Please remember to subscribe to us in iTunes and give the show a nice rating! iTunes Stitcher