Sep 5, 2013 On Our Blog

Sell Your Company, Not Your Soul – Thoughts on Getting Acquired

The following post was contributed by Mo Yehia, co-founder of Sqoot. This originally appeared at I’d dreamed of this day countless times, yet when it came, I didn’t share the news on Facebook, make an unforgettable video, high-five teammates or investors, or publish the requisite ‘we got bought’ announcement on TechCrunch. I got on base with my first exit, but it felt more like an error than a true base hit. While I’m stoked to have delivered value to investors, customers, and Clutch, I expected far more. Here’s what I learned: Beggars can’t be choosers. We saw a seven figure deal evaporate into thin air because we had no leverage. Buyers toyed with us like a great white toys with …

Sep 4, 2013 On Our Blog

When to Fire – and When to Keep – a Startup Employee

A while back, I hired someone with relevant experience in our industry and demonstrated success in account management with previous employers. This person had never worked at a startup before. Shortly after bringing them onto the team, I began to have issues with their performance. They were unfocused, wouldn’t finish projects, and had trouble meeting the goals for leads, followups and sales that we’d set when they started.   My company’s definitely not perfect (we’re a startup, after all), and there’s no training manual, clear employee onboarding or other new employee resources a larger company might have. I really wanted this employee to be successful, and – as demonstrated by their previous work experience – they had the skills and experience …

Sep 3, 2013 On Our Blog

Using In-App Messages to Get More Social Media Followers

This post is part of the ongoing Distribution Tuesday series. Every week the 500 Distribution Team highlights actionable resources for marketing your startup. Get even more tips by following @500Distribution on Twitter and subscribing to our email newsletter.   Many startups obsess over how many followers or fans they have, and with good reason – once people follow you, you have a direct channel through which you can share company updates, promotions, and more.   If you’re an early-stage startup, getting early followers can be a challenge, but it can be done. In addition to using the methods outlined by Sean Percival in this post, you can do a few tricks inside your app to give people more of an incentive to follow you …